How many socks should I own?

How many socks should I own?

We often buy many socks for a variety of reasons because we wear different types of socks, depending on the use case – casual, formal, athletic, etc. People have more socks than they really require. With such a variety of socks, we often find it hard to address the question of how many socks I should own. 

In this blog, Printerval will give you some useful tactics to determine how many stocks to own. 

How Many Socks Should I Own?

There are many factors helping you consider how many socks you need. Here is the list that you may think about to determine your specific needs for socks. 

How many socks should I own?

Consider Your Lifestyle

You should consider the habitats where you live and the jobs or activities you do to determine how many pairs of socks you should have.

For example, if you live in a country with very hot weather, you might sweat a lot more and swap your socks more often. Another example is if you have a very active lifestyle with a job that physically demands a lot from you or you are into sports and exercise often, you need more socks in these cases for a comfortable exchange. 

In fact, the more active you are, the more socks you should have. 

Particularly, if you are a person who sweats a lot from your feet, you should use socks made from special materials which are moisture-wicking such as merino wool.

How many socks should I own?

Consider Your Style

You can also consider your fashion style to match your socks with all your outfits to determine what types of socks you need. 

For instance, you can buy certain socks which are only worn with specific clothing. In this case, a custom pair of socks is a perfect choice. 

In particular, if you have an outfit that always asks for black socks, another for a navy pair, and another for green socks, remember to have that in consideration and have different colors on your drawer.

To the style of the socks, you should also pay attention to avoid the ironic situation in which you wear the wrong socks that can be made fun of by your friends. The styles of socks include ankle socks, long socks, or no-show socks, etc. 

How many socks should I own?

Consider Your Laundry

One of the most common ways to define how many pairs of socks you own is taking notice of your laundry cycle because it will decide if you have enough fresh socks or not. 

For example, if someone has a habit of washing clothes once a week, they should own at least 7 pairs of socks for everyday wear. 

In fact, it is really disgusting if you wear the same socks day by day because that can result in many diseases for your skin and the dirty socks’ smell is never pleasant. 

How many socks should I own?

Consider The Quality Of The Socks

The quality of socks contributes to the long-lasting of their use and also helps you define the number of socks you should own. 

For example, if you buy a combo of cheap socks, that can be a great deal at the moment. However, you must replace them much more often than good-quality socks. As a result, let’s compare. 

The ideology of quality over quantity can be applied with many goods, socks choosing is a typical example. It’s better to have fifteen quality pairs of socks than thirty low-quality ones because while high-quality socks can be more expensive than poor-quality socks, they have a long-term benefit in terms of cost and comfort. 

socks at Printerval shop
Socks at Printerval shop

How many socks should I buy?

Knowing how many socks you need to own will help you determine how many socks you should purchase. 

While it is a great deal to buy a lot of socks at a time, these socks aren’t always helpful. 

Sometimes, it will be ironic if you buy too many socks because you can find it hard to keep track of them and store them in enough space. It is true that the more things we have the more responsibility we take on. 

As a result, it’s helpful to have fewer socks rather than an overabundance of socks as long as you feel satisfied with the value they bring. 

In conclusion, depending on your practical needs and your habits, you can easily define how many socks you should buy. 

​How many socks should I own?

Keeping Track of Your Socks

One helpful tactic to know how many socks you are owning at a time is keeping track of them regularly. 

Reasons why you lose track of your socks?

Normally, if we have too many socks, we usually lose track of them and we will find it difficult to get a pair of socks to match, especially when your socks are not organized too well.

One more reason for losing track of socks is when you buy some new socks but after getting them, you find a reason not to wear them anymore. There are so many interesting and trendy socks on the market that it is easy to buy other socks that are better suited for your needs and the style you are looking for. 

How many socks should I own?

How to keep track of your socks?

There are three methods you can apply to keep track of your socks collection. 

Firstly, you should clear out all socks and donate them whenever the time comes to buy new socks. You can buy more pairs but don’t use them immediately. 

The second solution is buying some drawer organizers which help you get organized. Apart from socks, you can see what clothing you have available much easier. 

Lastly, you should fold your socks differently and keep them organized by type. That helps you pick them quickly and know exactly what you need and what you could donate or throw away. 

How many socks should I own?

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