How To Celebrate National Christmas Lights Day?

When Is National Christmas Lights Day?

Each year on December 1, National Christmas Lights Day honors the invention of Christmas lights in the 1880s and encourages people to put up or organize Christmas lights inside and outside their homes.

On this festive occasion, people from all over the world – particularly Christians – drive through their neighborhoods purchasing new Christmas lights and then using them to deck the halls, adorn the trees, and brighten up the buildings.

What Is The History of National Christmas Lights Day?

On December 22, 1882, Edward H. Johnson, a close friend of Thomas Edison (an American scientist who built the first practical incandescent light bulb), decked his New York City home's Christmas tree with 80 incandescent light bulbs.

Previously, people lit Christmas trees using candles. They balanced candles on the branches of their Christmas trees, a dangerous habit that resulted in numerous house fires.

Although Thomas Edison used the first Christmas lights in 1882, it took many decades before electric lights gained widespread popularity and became the primary method of lighting Christmas trees.

In 1895, the American White House installed the first electrified Christmas tree. By the mid-twentieth century, a few electric Christmas trees had been noticed in important public locations, but even at that time, the practice was not widespread, since the majority of people could not afford Christmas lights or electric Christmas trees.

Christmas lights grew popular with people of all classes in the 1960s, and electric Christmas trees began appearing on public buildings and along streets, as well as homeowners decorating their exteriors on a huge scale.

What Is Activities in National Christmas Lights Day: Ideas?

Consider the greatest celebration ideas and activities for December 1st's National Christmas Lights Day.

Purchase of Replacement Christmas Lights

Drive to the Dollar Store to get inexpensive Christmas lights, or go all out with spectacular Christmas lights from high-end retailers to give your surroundings a stunning appearance

Install Holiday Lights

Celebrate Christmas Lights Day by decorating trees in your yard or inside/outside your home with Christmas lights. Additionally, you can configure your light show to match with music, causing your Christmas lights to flash in time with the beat of your favorite tunes.

Drive Around The Neighborhood Observing Lights

It's a low-cost outdoor activity that you may enjoy with your partner or family. Take in the picturesque scenery of cities and buildings illuminated by Christmas lights. You may also relax on a wayside bench, enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the freezing weather, and take in the breathtaking sights of the holiday-lit surroundings.

Plan a Special Event With Your Neighbors

If you want to create a big spectacle with your neighbors, you can collaborate on a specific light-decorating design. Whether it's a recurring theme or a lengthy scenario, this is a wonderful way to use your mind and create some extraordinary memories with your neighbors. Additionally, as an added bonus, you may become an online phenomenon or go viral as a result of every passer-by praising the décor, photographing the location, and sharing it on social media!

Walk among the holiday lights

Cozy up in your winter coat and take a stroll around your neighborhood to take in the holiday lights. Alternatively, if your hometown is famed for its spectacular light displays, make a vacation there to witness them. It's an excellent opportunity to keep connected to your neighborhood, get some exercise, and simply enjoy the winter season's splendor.

Maintain communication with your neighbors

If you want to create a memorable scene with your neighbors, you can cooperate on a customized design. Whether it's a repeated motif or a longer scenario, this is an excellent opportunity to practice your imagination while also having fun with your neighbors. Additionally, it may go viral as a result of a passerby with a smartphone.

Adjust your lights to match the music

This was a popular fad a few years ago, but we believe it remains a timeless Christmas craft. You can program the lights to flash in sync with your favorite music if you have the technological know-how (or know someone who does).

How to Celebrate National Christmas Lights Day

It's as simple as putting up Christmas lights in your home to commemorate the event. Adorn your front porch with the brilliant colors of the festive season to greet guests and attract passersby. Remember to match the lights to the beats of your favorite Christmas songs!

Additionally, take your family out to gaze at the amazing displays of Christmas lights across your area. Not only will you be able to take in the gorgeous vistas, but you'll also get the opportunity to spend quality time with your children and spouse. You could even wish to establish a Christmas custom of having your family portrait shoot in front of a house decorated with the most beautiful lights!

What To Wear on National Christmas Lights Day?

T-shirt with Christmas Light Design 

Tank Top Cat Light Design suitable for National Christmas Lights Day

Mouse Pad with Christmas Light Design 


Apron with Christmas Light Design 

Coaster with Christmas Light Design

Face Mask with Christmas Light Design

Tote Bag with Christmas Light Design

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