How To Iron A Shirt Without An Iron - Best Solutions For 2022

Have you ever found it a waste of time ironing your shirt every single day? Or have you ever been in a situation where there is a shirt you need to wear right away, but somehow can’t use an iron to unwrinkle your shirt at that time? No worries. This article is to figure out the most effective ways for the question How To Iron A Shirt Without An Iron.

How To Iron A Shirt Without An Iron

Below are the supreme tips to help you quickly remove the wrinkles from your shirt. 

Method 1: Use makeshift irons 

Steam with the bottom of a pot

Surprisingly! The pot you use every single day in the kitchen to cook food can become iron-free equipment just in time. 

  • Boil water in a pot that has a medium-size - maybe the size of a pot to boil soup. Then empty the pot. Now, the bottom of the pot has turned into iron and is ready to be used. 


Use flat iron

For the most part, you use a flat iron to curl or straighten your hair. However, you definitely can turn it into iron in some urgent situations. This device handles perfectly with hard areas to iron, such as the collar part of a shirt. 

  • Make sure the flat iron plate is clean, which means it does not have any hair product left on it. 
  • If the fabric is too thick, set the device on the highest setting period. 

Method 2: Use substitute means to get rid of wrinkles

You can also apply one of the approaches below to de-wrinkle your shirt to make the question “How to iron a shirt without an iron” no longer be a problem anymore. 

Tumble-dry shirt with ice cubes

  • Put some ice cubes in the machine. The heat in the tumble dryer will melt the ice and turn it into steam, which helps unwrinkle your shirt effectively. 
  • Set the clothes dryer settings to medium heat. After drying your shirt for about 15 minutes, hang the shirt up right away or else the wrinkles will come back soon.
source: wikiHow

Steam the shirt in the shower

  • Turn on the shower at full heat and steam up the sealed bathroom, then carefully hang your shirt in the bathroom. Make sure that your shirt will not get wet.
  • Normally the wrinkles will be gone in about 15-20 minutes.
source: wikiHow

Spray on a wrinkle-releaser 

  • Wrinkle-releaser allows you to smooth out wrinkles or creases. Spray your shirt until it becomes damp, then hang dry your shirt

Note: Do not hang colored shirts in the sun as they could be bleached. 

source: wikiHow

Method 3: Try different ways to release wrinkles

Blow-dry the shirt

  • Hold a hair dryer about 2-2.5 inches from your damped wrinkled shirt. Be careful not to burn your shirt by setting the dryer on the lowest mode. The wrinkles will gradually be gone. 


Roll or flatten the shirt

  • Roll the wrinkled shirt tightly. Then put something bigger and heavier on it for about an hour. This method will help reduce the wrinkles on your clothes significantly.
  • Flatten the wrinkled shirts by putting a dampened bath towel on the shirt on a flat surface. Use your hands to press down. Then, hang the shirt dry.  

Note 1: This method works best with cotton fabrics.

Note 2: You can apply this approach with a maximum of 2 shirts at a time. 

source: wikiHow

Why do we need to iron our clothes?

There are so many techniques that we can use to remove wrinkles from our clothes. However, highly recommends you iron your clothes if there is enough time as it will create a positive impact on your overall health.

  • Ironing helps remove the stink of our clothes
  • It terminates the germs once and for all
  • It protects the linings and covers the fabrics so that your clothes will be more durable
  • It makes your clothes fresher and boosts the confidence in you as you are always looking presentable at any time