How to Store Tote Bag?

Oct, 07 2021
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Proper and most frequent cleaning of Tote bags, both before and after use, is essential to help protect your health because most of the new Tote bags purchased from unreputable places are of poor quality. The amount is easy to stick to hair and fabric dust that can affect the health of the user. So if you want your Tote bag to always be clean and new, cleaning it is very important.
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    What is a tote bag?

    Tote bag

    Canvas Tote bags are made from old Tote fabric. Canvas, also known as canvas, is a concept that refers to an ancient weft woven fabric, made from cotton, sisal, and possibly polyester fibers depending on the type. The special thing about Tote fabric is that the fabric is woven horizontally, so it is very durable during use.

    In addition, Tote is combined with some other plant fibers to make ropes, nets, or similar products. The tote is now commonly used in sewing bags, carpets, or other products thanks to its environmentally friendly advantages. A rather surprising thing about Tote bags is that artists paint oil paintings on them instead of painting on hardwood boards because the cotton fabric has the characteristics of being easy to stick to ink and difficult to fade.

    We just need to understand simply that Tote bags are bags made from Tote. Through years of development, Tote bags are widely used because of their convenience, reasonable price, and high aesthetics. 

    In early 1944, a new canvas was used as a bag by L.L Bean's Boat. During the 1950s, Tote bags began to appear on the market, mainly used by women as a handbag. And in 1990, Kate Spade was the first to use dad bags as a fashion bag and express the user's style and personality.

    The preeminent features of Tote bags

    High durability so users are not afraid of tearing or rotting, good load-bearing can carry a mass of tens of kilograms.

    • Easy to clean, wash when the bag is dirty without fear of being crumpled or fading.
    • Limited waterproof.
    • Diverse design with many beautiful designs that are both modern and classic, suitable for all subjects and all ages.
    • The fabric is environmentally friendly because it can be decomposed without affecting the environment and also does not affect the health of consumers.

    Canvas bags are both highly useful and show the fashion personality of the user, but also a tool to help businesses and shop owners promote their brands more widely and effectively.

    What to keep in mind when using canvas bags every day?

    To protect the surface of the bag

    Avoid using sharp-edged tools to scratch the surface of the bag, such as a brush with metal nails or steel jewelry with sharp edges. Also, do not place the bag on sharp surfaces, such as jagged stone floors. Sharp edges will scratch the waterproof layer of the fabric, or cut into the weave on the surface of the Tote, making the fabric no longer smooth.

    To help the bag retain its original shape

    Avoid stuffing too much into the bag, causing the bag to expand and deform. When you put the bag in the cupboard, you can re-insert old pieces of newspaper into the bag so that the bag does not deform. Always cover the Tote bag with the dust bag provided.

    Beware of dye-transfer problems.

    Dye transfer is when a natural colored canvas bag (usually cream or white) is rubbed against a heavily colored garment, such as jeans. Darker denim dyes may fall on canvas. At this point, the only way to clean a Tote bag is to put it in a spa bag, where the professionals can remove the stain for you.

    How to clean canvas bags

    The bag should be cleaned after each visit, or at least once a week. This will limit dust from entering the fine seams of the woven Tote. To clean Tote bags, use a soft microfiber cloth. If your bag is made of fabric with a water-repellent coating, you can use a wet cloth. If your bag is made of canvas, please dry with a towel.

    When there are slight stains on the bag, for example, food stains…

    You can use a sponge or soft cloth, soak it in warm water with neutral soap, and wipe it off as soon as it gets dirty. Apply the soap and water solution evenly to the surface of the bag until the stain is removed. Do not use soaps with heavy detergents (such as chlorine bleach). As it will damage the surface of the bag. Also, do not use the brush to scrub vigorously. After cleaning, leave the bag in a cool place to dry overnight, then store it in the refrigerator. Do not expose to direct sunlight or use a bag dryer. This can cause the Tote material to degrade quickly and become dirty.

    How to properly clean cloth bags?

    Take out all the items that are stored in the Tote bag

    This is a small thing that everyone knows, but not so that there are no mistakes. Especially the small pieces of paper left unnoticed in the bag until washing, these small pieces of paper absorb water, disintegrate, and crept into the fabric of the bag, making it unsightly and difficult to clean for washing times. next time.

    Use suitable detergent to clean Tote bags

    Case 1, if your Tote bag is not too dirty, just a small amount of soap diluted with water and then soak the shoulder bag in this solution for about 10-15 minutes, then rub your hands to clean the stain.

    In case 2, for a Tote bag with stubborn stains that are difficult to clean by normal methods, detergent should be used in an appropriate quantity. Mix a few drops of javel bleach with soap, then soak the Tote bag in this solution for 5-10 minutes. Note that javel bleach is very strong and has an unpleasant smell, you should consider adding this solution, a sincere advice is to give the capacity of the solution to match the number of bags you need to wash (1 bag) Just 3-4 drops of javel bleach)

    Carrying out washing and cleaning the Tote bag

    The most important step is to remove stubborn stains from your canvas bag. As included in step 2, the work of this step is much easier because your job now is to just rub the spots with the stain thoroughly until the stain is clean and disappears labor.

    Tip: In case the stain is too stubborn, you can use javel bleach to clean the Tote bag, then in the last rinse you should put a scented fabric softener pack in the water like fabric softener like Comfort, Downny, etc., then soak the Tote bag for about 5-10 minutes. Then let it dry.

    Dry the Tote bag in a cool place

    Before drying, it is necessary to turn the bag upside down. This helps the Tote bag after drying to not fade the color of the fabric and the print to lose the aesthetics of the bag.

    Choose locations where the balcony is cool and sunny, and avoid places without sunlight such as indoors because it is easy to make your bag damp and smell bad.

    To dry the bag quickly and effectively, it is recommended to turn the bag upside down, open the belly and zippers, dry in the sun, limit the use of irons and dryers to dry the bag.

    Where can you buy unique designer Tote bags?

    Above are some ways to clean and maintain canvas bags that you should know. In addition, if you are a fan of fashion accessories, then Printerval is the perfect choice for you. With products with impressive designs and extremely secure product components, Printerval always brings a difference and attraction in each product. 


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