How To Wear Handbags?

Oct, 19 2021
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Handbags are an indispensable fashion accessory for both men and women. They play an important role in mixing and matching to make the outfit perfect to affirm the owner's style and fashion sense. However, if you wear the bag all day but do not wear it properly, it can cause neck and shoulder pain, affecting your health in the long run. Here is how to wear a bag that is suitable for each type that you should refer to ensure health and fashion.
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    How to wear a bag with a top handle?

    Bags with top handles are usually made of sturdy material and worn at the elbow. But this way of wearing keeps the bag away from the body, putting pressure on the neck and shoulders, causing pain. To reduce stress and avoid neck pain, you can choose other ways of dressing. In addition to the elbow, a bag with an upper handle can be used as a clutch by clipping under the armpit.

    How to wear a crossbody bag?

    Messenger bags are designed to be worn on the body, but most of us carry them on our shoulders. In addition, messenger bags with metal chains are very trendy, but wearing them for a long time can easily cause shoulder pain and leave marks. Carry a crossbody bag, as the name suggests, slung over one shoulder. Make sure the strap is as long as possible, and remember to switch sides to evenly distribute the pressure on your shoulders.

    How to wear a tote bag?

    A tote bag is a bag used to store clothes, daily sports equipment, or take luggage for long-distance travel. Therefore, it is often heavy and puts pressure on the spine. You should wear it as high as possible and remember to change shoulders often when wearing it. It is best to choose a bag with wheels.

    How to wear a backpack?

    For many people, backpacks are essential items. No matter where you go, it can hold many things and accompany you. Compared to other bags, backpacks are more friendly to the shoulders and back. However, if the belt of the backpack is too thin, worn too low, or only worn on one shoulder, it will cause shoulder and back pain. Remember, the backpack should be as high as possible and as close to the back as possible. Don't forget to choose a backpack with a wide belt for better weight distribution.

    How to wear a clutch?

    The clutch is small and usually carries only a few essential items, so it is very suitable for people with low back pain. However, as holding them in the hand can cause your shoulders to shift to one side, you should clamp them under your armpits to free both hands. To relieve pressure on one shoulder, don't forget to switch sides from time to time.

    The ways to wear beautiful bags do you know?

    Short crossbody bag

    Bags with long straps are quite flexible because you can carry them on the shoulder or carry them over the shoulder, depending on the case. Along with the variety of sizes and colors, it will suit most people. skin. When shortening the strap and wearing a short crossbody bag, it will make you appear more impressive.

    How to wear a beautiful handbag when walking on the street and still be confident and appear full of personality with girls of modest height? The style of wearing a cross-body bag will help the "thin" girls cheat their height. On a beautiful day, walk down the street by yourself and apply this style of wearing this bag.

    Long crossbody bag

    Satchel bags often have a sturdy design, square edges, or rounded edges, creating a solid for the overall bag. The way to wear a beautiful handbag with this design will usually be a long strap, a horizontal bag. You will look very personal and youthful when you apply this style of wearing this bag when walking on the street. Sometimes the style of wearing a cross-body bag that is as long as your waist, will help you hide your not-so-thin waist. . Try it every other day for a weekend afternoon with the intention of walking around.

    One-shoulder bag

    In addition to the cross-body, girls can apply the way of wearing a handbag on one shoulder, to create a dynamic appearance. With a short strap on one shoulder, girls can choose to combine it with simple clothes. Don't wear too much, it'll look messy, it'll be a minus

    Choose for yourself this style of wearing, when you want to show off your liberal style with simple clothes such as t-shirts and jeans.

    Carry the bag on your stylish arm

    An expensive branded bag will enhance the noble beauty and class of the user.

    However, using it incorrectly will only make the background stand out. People will only pay attention to the bag without caring who its owner is.

    The way to wear a luxurious handbag, get everyone's attention, and makes you more confident is to wear a mid-arm size and strut proudly.

    The ladies just want to try this experience once, it will draw all eyes, not at the handbag but at you.

    When wearing a handbag on your arm, you will have the opportunity to show off more accessories such as watches, bracelets... So, when you want to wear these accessories to the street, wear this bag.

    The handbags worn on the arm are usually quite large in size, one color. Of course, if it was just that, it would be quite monotonous. This is why, these handbags are also attached with flower tassels, or glittering metallic tags, etc.'

    Note Wearing Beautiful Handbags And Suitable For Each Person's Body

    Prioritize Body-Sling Bags

    With a crossbody bag or backpack, the weight of the bag will be evenly distributed on the body, avoiding pressure on a fixed part. Although the longer the strap will increase the efficiency, it is annoying when the bag is constantly bumping into the body after every step.

    Make sure the strap is adjusted for the best fit, and don't forget to switch shoulders from time to time to avoid putting weight on one shoulder.

    Choosing the Right Strap

    While capable of making the bag look more luxurious and trendy, the chain design is often heavy and often leaves unsightly marks on the skin. Thin straps also can't help you "share" the weight of the bag.

    Large straps, made from soft materials, will be the most suitable choice, helping to reduce pressure on the body, protect the skin as well as ensure the safety of all the items you need in the bag.

    Choose the Right Bag Style

    Bags that can only be carried around will cause a lot of trouble for your neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. In order to avoid joint problems, designing a belt bag, backpack... is the best choice because the weight will be placed on the back and lower waist - stronger body parts.

    In addition, many types of women's handbags are designed so that you can carry them both on the shoulder and cross-body. Prefer a bag style that allows you to constantly change the way you wear it so that your hands, shoulders, and wrists can alternately “take a break.”

    Check Bag Weight

    Many details such as zippers, rivets as well as main materials will make the bag significantly heavier. Meanwhile, the maximum weight of the bag should only be 10% of your weight.

    For women's handbags, a large size does not mean high applicability. When the bag has ample storage space, you will easily be "tempted" and carry a lot of unnecessary items. In contrast to the compact bag, the number of items will be more carefully selected, reducing the weight you have to wear.

    Choosing a Tough Body Shape

    If the bag has a solid bottom, lots of internal compartments, and a sturdy shape, the weight of the bag and items will be evenly distributed. You won't have to struggle with imbalance.

    Prioritize these features when shopping for bags so you don't have to "struggle" under the weight of the bag and trade off your confident gait. A well-textured bag will also look neater and more elegant than other designs.

    Try-On The Bag Before You Buy

    Finally, to be sure that the bag you're putting "insight" doesn't turn out to be a frivolous investment, try it on. Feel the material, the weight of the bag, the length of the strap, etc. to be able to judge whether this is the best design for your needs.

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