What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

There are many types of face masks for you to choose from but in this Blog, Printerval would like to focus on masks made of cloth which are seen as one of the most convenient types. 

Recently, you have worn cloth face masks every single day to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but apart from protecting, do you know other benefits of them? Printerval gives you the answers right now. 

What is a cloth mask?

Firstly, you should get the hang of the definition of a cloth mask as well as its outstanding features, in comparison with other types. 

A cloth face mask refers to a mask made of common textiles such as cotton, worn over the mouth and nose which is used by public health agencies for disease “ source control” in epidemic situations to protect others from virus-laden droplets in infected mask wearers' breath, coughs, and sneezes. 

While cloth masks are less effective than N95 masks, surgical masks, or physical distancing in protecting the wearer against viruses, they are widely used by the general public in household and community settings as protection against both infectious diseases and particulate air pollution. 

From the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, healthcare workers started routinely using cloth face masks. However, during the 1960s they were less used in the developed countries due to disposable surgical masks with an electret filter material. In the developing world, they were also widely used. 

Most cloth masks are washable and soft, which makes them special, compared to others. 

Nowadays, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloth face masks have become indispensable in every country in the world. 

What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

History of cloth masks

Let’s take a look at the developing history of cloth masks so that you can get more information about this type of popular face mask.

Face masks appeared for the first time as animal bladders to protect against inhaling lead oxides which were recommended by Pliny the Elder in Roman times. 

There are many examples of wearing cloth masks during the historical process. 

For example, followers of Jainism originating in India around 500 B.C.E, wear cloth masks to avoid accidentally inhaling insects as part of practicing ahimsa. Leonardo da Vinci used a wet woven cloth to protect against toxic agents of chemical warfare during the 16th century. The costume of plague doctors in the early modern period included a beaked face mask worn to protect the wearer from infectious “ miasma”. 

Another example is that conventional cowboy attire in the American West often included a bandanna to protect their face from blown dust and also potentially doubled as a means of obscuring identity.

What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

Cloth masks became commonplace after World War I and the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 after William Stewart Halsted pioneered the use of rubber gloves and surgical face masks. Before that, some European surgeons such as Paul Berger and Jan Mikulicz-Radecki had worn cotton gloves and masks when working. 

This type of mask continued to be used in Asia during the 2002-2004 SARS outbreak, and in West Africa during the 2013-2016 Ebola epidemic. 

And since 2019 when the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, China, cloth masks are prevalent and indispensable as people are all aware of the danger of this infectious disease. 

What are the benefits of wearing cloth masks?

Efficient protection

Although N95 and surgical masks are seen as the most effective at preventing the spread of the virus, they are typically reserved for healthcare and frontline workers and are usually in short supply.

Cloth masks have proven to be a good complement to social distancing and slowing the spread of the virus which are convenient and easy to use as well as suitable for everyone. 

Many scientists noted that cloth masks trap respiratory droplets that are released when the mask wearer sneezes, talks, or coughs. As long as your nose and mouth are covered when you are wearing a mask, you are helping to keep yourself and many people safe. 

What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

Washable and reusable masks

One of the biggest pros of cloth masks is they are washable and reusable, as opposed to disposable face masks, which must be tossed in the trash after each use. That makes cloth masks an economical choice in many situations. 

Besides, the prices of cloth face masks are cheaper, in comparison with others in general. As a result, cloth masks are suitable for everyone, every level of income. 

What are the benefits of cloth face masks?

Diversity in choice of styles

Because they are made from fabrics, cloth masks can be designed uniquely and creatively. Apart from the function of protection, cloth masks are also fascinating fashionable items. Nowadays, along with the advancement of printing technology, custom products are on-trend and are widely used as one of the most prevalent fashion items. 

It is really attractive that you can express your personality, hobby, political opinion, etc on your face masks. That is the special characteristics of cloth masks, facilitating their popularity currently. In fact, cloth masks vary your choice of style from which you are optional to choose colors, printing artworks, etc. 

Custom masks at Printerval shop
Custom masks at Printerval shop

Where to buy cloth masks?

People tend to prefer products that are trendy and unique because they will be impressive and special to others. If you are also looking for custom cloth masks, Printerval is the right place for you to buy. 

At Printerval, there are many styles of cloth masks for you to choose from including Cicada, American Flag, Halloween Skeleton, Every Child Matters, Halloween, Disney Christmas Merch, etc, with the sizes available for everyone, both kids and adults, etc. Masks at the Printerval shop are designed uniquely by many talented designers and are sold at amazing prices, only $8.49, $9.82, $11.99, depending on the materials and trend of designs. 

Printerval always updates the newest trend, making sure that customers when they come to us will feel trendy, fresh, and trustful. 

Custom masks at Printerval
Custom masks at Printerval shop

You can start considering and buying cloth masks by accessing Printerval.com!

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