When Did National Bartender Day Start?


What day is National Bartender Day?

National Bartender Day is observed annually on February 24. Today is a day to show your appreciation for your neighborhood bartenders. On a night out, bartenders are the most popular people, and they will ensure that you have enough drinks. Smiling at the bartender and saying "Please" or "Thank You" encourages the bartender to work quickly and results in improved service the next time you purchase a drink. As such, it is an ideal day to recognize the efforts of bartenders.

How did World Bartender Day become start?

According to some, bartending is one of the oldest vocations known to man. It is believed to have originated many thousand years ago in a variety of geographical regions, including Rome, Greece, and perhaps Asia. At the time, these would have been innkeepers and proprietors of alehouses who brewed their own brews and liquors for clients. Due to ethical and legal concerns, the profession was not always regarded in high regard.

It wasn't until the nineteenth century that the perception of a bartender began to evolve into something more remarkable. This is when Jerry Thomas, dubbed the "father of bartending," gained notoriety for the unique drinks he concocted at his New York City establishments. Indeed, Thomas actually created the first book on bartending in 1862, titled The Bar-Guide, Tender's alternately titled How to Mix Drinks.

Since that time, the bartender industry has gained more appreciation for the originality, expertise, and attention to detail required while inventing, preparing, and serving drinks–often to unsatisfactory clients. While the trade suffered a setback in the 1920s and early 1930s during the United States' prohibition era, these stubborn personalities were empowered and emerged stronger than ever on the other side.

World Bartender Day was founded in recent years to honor the creative brilliance and abilities of those significant persons behind bars worldwide. It appears to have begun with The Perfect Blend, a cocktail competition held in Australia and New Zealand. Since its inception, the day has expanded in popularity and influence like wildfire.

How to Celebrate National Bartender Day?

This is an excellent day to celebrate because it almost guarantees that a person will be able to go to the bar! Participate in the fun in one of the following ways:

Demonstrate Your Appreciation for a Local Bartender

World Bartender Day is a day to show your appreciation for the staff at your neighborhood bar. They work tirelessly to keep their customers happy and are frequently underpaid! Always remember to be courteous to the bartender, particularly when it is necessary to wait to be served. Give the bartender a smile and say 'please' and 'thank you' – the bartender will appreciate it, and you will be more likely to receive superior service the next time you purchase a beverage.

Leave a Magnificent Tip

Most importantly, if you're in a country where tipping is customary, ensure that you tip appropriately and generously to demonstrate your appreciation for their service. As it turns out, approximately 55% of a bartender's income is generated by the generous tips of his or her customers. Consider being generous and adding something extra in honor of World Bartender Day.

The Blend will help you celebrate

The Blend is an engagement program for bartenders designed to inspire and innovate. The site features a variety of games, interviews, bartending secrets, and video content in honor of World Bartender Day. Indeed, they celebrate for a couple of weeks leading up to the day, which means there are plenty of opportunities to connect! http://worldbartenderday.com/

Disseminate Information About World Bartender Day

Gather a group of friends or coworkers and head to a bar for an after-work beverage. Additionally, don't forget to share the day on social media to ensure that others are aware of it as well. Spread the word so that everyone has the opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation to their bartender on this momentous occasion!

5 activities to recognize National Bartender Day

Visit a familiar haunt or venture to a new one.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood bar? Assemble a bunch of pals (or fly solo) and make your way over there. Instead of your typical beer, why not try something new? If the pub offers a menu, inquire about the bartender's favorite cocktail to create (or just ask for her favorite drink to make in general). You may also request the dealer's selection.

Alternatively, check out the new pub down the block or the long-established establishment you've been wanting to visit but haven't gotten around to. Who is to say? It may become your new favorite hangout location.

Gratuities your bartender

According to the Bartender Training Center, tips account for around 55% of a bartender's compensation. That suggests they rely on you for more than half of their income. While you should always tip well, especially when your bartender goes above and beyond by providing a sympathetic ear or creating an especially delectable or intricate cocktail, National Bartender Day is an excellent opportunity to add a little more. If you normally tip 20%, for example, increase it to 30% to demonstrate your appreciation. Additionally, bear in mind that the dollar-a-drink guideline does not apply to cocktails, which require far more effort and delicacy than just pouring you a draught.

Purchase a drink for your bartender

How frequently does your bartender notice you and offer you a free drink or a round of shots? On National Bartender Day, flip the script and inform her that you'd want to purchase her a drink for a change. (However, do not be embarrassed or insulted if she declines. Certain bartenders abstain from alcohol while on the job.) Who is to say? This might be the start of a lovely friendship.

Make a cocktail containing Sailor Jerry.

Pay tribute to the guy — er, brand — who got it all began. If you're at home, make a Sailor Jerry drink. Visit their website to see some of their recipes, such as the Spiced Rum Old Fashioned or Spiked Apple Cider Rum Punch. If you visit a bar to commemorate the holiday, get a spiced rum drink. Don't forget to explain why you're doing it to your bartender - she may not even be aware of National Bartender Day — and, of course, tip well regardless of what you order.

Pay attention to your bartender

Bartenders are also human beings! So many of us confide with sympathetic bartenders who listen to us with the empathetic ear of a decent therapist. And they, too, have had difficulties, heartbreaks, family conflicts, career difficulties, and other concerns. The best approach to express your gratitude for someone who is continually providing you a helpful ear and perhaps even some sound counsel is to reciprocate. You don't have to make a huge issue out of it; simply asking, "How are you?" is sufficient. If she does open up to you, listen without offering your own opinion or solutions, unless she appears to be seeking your counsel. At times, all we need is someone to listen.

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