When Did Thanksgiving Day Begin?

Oct, 22 2021
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Thanksgiving Day has become an integral part of the American people. Every year, on this day, Americans eagerly prepare everything to welcome a very solemn holiday. So how much do you know about this holiday? Let's experience a little discovery about this holiday.
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    When is Thanksgiving Day in America?

    If in Canada, Thanksgiving day or the English name Thanksgiving day, is celebrated on the second Monday of October. In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated later on the last Thursday. End of November. In addition to the US and Canada, this holiday is also celebrated on a number of islands in the Caribbean and Liberia.

    What is the meaning of Thanksgiving day?

    Thanksgiving day means at first to celebrate the harvest and thank God for a full and peaceful life. It is also one of the official holidays for all statutory workers in the US and Canada.

    Today, Thanksgiving in the US is also an important day for family members to get together. Because in the United States, usually, people will have 4 days off on this occasion. "Wonderful! This trip was so much fun!" - That's what US tour visitors share when coming to the US on this holiday.

    Thanksgiving Time in North America

    Thanksgiving is closely associated with seasonal festivals that have long been a tradition in many European countries. The first celebration in North America was organized by the Frobisher expedition from Europe in Newfoundland in 1578.

    But another event also considered by many to be the origin of Thanksgiving occurred on December 4, 1619, when 38 settlers from Berkeley Parish, England arrived in Virginia and thanked God for their safety.

    Most believe that the first Thanksgiving took place on an unspecified date, around the fall of 1621. At that time, a group of Puritan immigrants from England held a three-day party to celebrate. bountiful harvests after their first dismal winter in North America.

    Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in North America, often seen as an occasion to express gratitude. The origin of this holiday is to thank God for a bountiful harvest.

    What is the origin of Thanksgiving Day?

    Around the 16th - 17th centuries, some Catholics and Puritans in England were forced to convert to his religion by the then emperor. These people did not accept and were imprisoned. After being detained for a while, they were handed over and questioned again, but they still refused to convert, so they were forced to leave England.

    Then they moved to the Netherlands to living. After a while, they quickly realized that they could not assimilate into this country's culture and were afraid that their descendants would lose their roots, so they continued to immigrate to the Americas on a ship called is Mayflower.

    The people on this ship (about 102 people), later known as the Pilgrims, arrived at the Plymouth Colony in New England during the winter. Hungry and cold, half of them did not survive the harsh winter.

    In the spring, they were fortunate to meet kind Indians who gave them some food. These same Indians taught them how to survive in this land such as how to grow crops, hunt, ...

    When the Pilgrims were able to fend for themselves, they held a party to thank God for allowing them to live to this day, they invited the Indians to eat and drink together. Since then, every year the descendants of the Pilgrims have always celebrated thanksgiving for the good things that have come to life.

    Traditional Thanksgiving food

    The main dish often eaten on Thanksgiving Day in the US is grilled turkey. That's why Thanksgiving is sometimes called Turkey Day. The United States Department of Agriculture, also known as the USDA, has reported that in 2003 there were 269 million turkeys raised, about one-sixth of which is dedicated to the feast.

    Turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving

    Along with turkey, a number of other foods also appear on the table such as lemon sauce, meat sauce, mashed potatoes, sugared sweet potatoes, green beans. Desserts are also added to the table, including a number of baked goods such as pumpkin pie, strawberry pie, and pecan pie. These dishes are pure dishes of New England, the cultural cradle of America.

    Baked cowpeas

    After turkey, this cheese-baked cowpea is also a very popular Thanksgiving dish throughout the United States. The cowpeas are washed, put in the oven with milk mushroom sauce, onions, ... As a side dish, but the taste is no less than the main dish on this holiday.


    Not only stuffed turkey but other dishes, prepared as fillings are also considered popular dishes of Thanksgiving.

    Vegetables, breadcrumbs, mushrooms or bacon, ... are processed and then stacked, covered with foil, and then baked. All make up an irresistible delicious stuffing on the Thanksgiving table.

    Pumpkin cake

    Pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Thanksgiving takes place at the time of the change of seasons, so the pumpkin pie makes people feel that autumn is still present in the midst of the approaching winter cold.

    The mildly spicy flavor of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger blends with the layer of butternut squash, creating a special attraction for this cake.

    La tourtiere

    This is a traditional Thanksgiving cake of Canadians. Minced beef (or veal, pork) is processed and then grilled with a crispy potato pie crust on the outside, creating a delicious savory cake with a characteristic and attractive taste.

    Mashed sweet potato

    In addition to potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes mixed with milk cream or yogurt is also a popular snack during the year-end holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

    Soft, supple sweet potatoes combine with other ingredients to create an attractive dish, not only suitable for Thanksgiving but also suitable for everyday use for children who are coming of age to weaning. 

    Thanksgiving Day Activities

    On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Americans have 4 days off to reunite and meet family and friends. Lots of activities are held these days like in New York City. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held annually in downtown Manhattan. If you have the opportunity to travel to the US at this time, you will experience the bustling atmosphere of this festival.

    The parade was loud and colorful

    The march was organized around certain special themes. Or simulate scenes from Broadway plays with large balloons depicting famous cartoon characters or TV actors. Thanksgiving parades also took place in a number of other cities, including Plymouth, Houston, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

    Shop on Black Friday "Black Friday"​​

    The biggest activity during Thanksgiving in the US is the shopping day of the year in US, specifically on Black Friday after the holiday. With a series of attractive discounts and promotions not only American people but also US tourists.

    Sports featured on Thanksgiving Day

    One of the other major Thanksgiving activities in the US is football. Professional teams often compete on this day so that spectators can watch it on television. In addition, many high school and college football teams also play each other that weekend, often with longtime rivals.

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