Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?

Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?

America is an interesting country with many things to explore. Apart from the nickname “melting-pot” to refer to its diversity of culture and identity, many states of America also make you curious about their history, their symbol, specific culture, and flag as well. 

Recently, there has been a question that which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag? Well, it is just Wyoming. But what have you known about this state and its special flag?

Don’t worry, let’s Printerval tell you. 

Through this Blog, Printerval would like to provide you with useful information about Wyoming and its flag which correctly matches the animal on it.

Everything you need to know about Wyoming

Wyoming is a state located in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States which is known as the 10th largest state by area as well as the least populous and the least populated state in the contiguous United States, with a population of 576,851 people in 2020. 

Wyoming shares its border with Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. 

Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?
Location of Wyoming 

Due to its geography, Wyoming is drier and windier than the rest of the country which is split between semi-arid and continental climates with greater temperature extremes. 

Most Wyoming land including two well-known national parks Grand Teton and Yellowstone, two national recreation areas, two national monuments, several national forests, historic sites, fish hatcheries, and wildlife refuges, belong to the federal government. 

The name “ Wyoming”, deriving from the Munsee word xwé:wamənk with meaning “ at the big river flat", was officially used in 1865 when a bill was introduced to Congress to provide a temporary government for the territory of Wyoming.

Regarding the economy, Wyoming focuses on tourism and the extraction of minerals such as coal, natural gas, oil, and trona, as well as agriculture whose commodities include barley, hay, livestock, sugar beets, wheat, and wool.

In particular, Wyoming is the first state allowing women the right to vote and become politicians and the first state to elect a female governor. 

What are the features and history of the flag of Wyoming?

Features of the flag of Wyoming

Have you ever seen or known about the flag of this special state? Here it is:

The flag of the state of Wyoming consists of the silhouette of an American bison with three main colors, red, white, and blue which can be understood hereby:

  • Red symbolizes the Native Americans and the blood of pioneers who gave their lives.
  • White is a symbol of purity and uprightness. 
  • Blue is the color of the skies and distant mountains as well as a symbol of fidelity, justice, and virility.
Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?
Flag of Wyoming

How about the bison? What does it symbolize?

The American bison, commonly known as the buffalo or the plains buffalo, is native to North America which differs from domestic cattle or oxen. 

The plains bison formerly inhabited most of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains( provinces belonging to Canada). 

In particular, the bison play an important role in the economy of the Plains Indians as an essential source of meat for food, hides, and fur for clothing and shelter, and sinew and horn for tools. 

However, the Indians’ hunting activities had little impact on the bison population.

Bison are large and are believed as powerful animals as well as the symbol of local fauna on Wyoming’s flag. 

And the State Seal?

The second legislature in 1893 adopted the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming and the sixteenth legislature in 1921 revised it. 

Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?
The Great Seal of the State of Wyoming

There are some numbers on the flag including two dates, 1869 and 1890, to commemorate the organization of the Territorial government and Wyoming's admission to the Union, and the number 44 on the five-pointed star signifies that Wyoming was the 44th state admitted to the Union.

The seal also includes the state motto, “Equal rights,” highly appreciating the right of women to vote as well as other aspects of life. The figures of the miner and cowboy flanking the woman in the center refer to the principal occupations of Wyoming, further mentioned in the ribbon around the two pillars that reads “Livestock-mines-grain-oil.” 

History of the Flag of Wyoming

In 1916, the Wyoming Daughters of the American Revolution organized a competition that invited the public to submit possible designs for a Wyoming flag. Although the Daughters of the American Revolution received a total of 37 entries, they chose a drawing by Verna Keays, a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago.

One year later, the bison flag was officially adopted when Governor Robert D. Carey signed the state flag bill into law on January 31, 1917.

Initially, in Keays’ design, the bison faces toward the fly, symbolizing its former freedom to roam the plains of Wyoming. However, it was thought that if the bison were to face toward the hoist, the design would be more balanced (animals generally face the hoist on flags, as they would the wind). 

Finally, all Wyoming flags from the first batch produced onward showed the bison facing the hoist, although this change was never officially adopted by the Wyoming legislature.

Which state correctly matches the animal that appears on its flag?

In sum, the state flag of Wyoming is really special because it incorporates references to values of the State and the distinctive wildlife to create a flag that embodies every aspect of the State’s heritage. 

The colors and symbols of the flag are also a representation of the State’s history, resources, and pride which are symbolic of the values of Wyoming residents as well as Wyoming practices livestock rearing with the bison as the main component of the wildlife shows that the State correctly matched the animal to its flag.

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