Why are socks important? Questions You Need To Ask About Socks

Jul, 19 2021
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Not only help prevent foot damage when wearing shoes, but socks are also a perfect fashion accessory to coordinate and create a unique look for your everyday fashion style.
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    Why are socks important? 

    Socks do more than only protect your shoes from rubbing against your feet and causing blisters. They contribute to the creation of an optimum environment for the foot by aiding in the regulation of temperature and humidity.

    Wool socks to keep warm in winter

    It is important to wear socks and shoes that are well-fitting in order to avoid getting blisters. It is extremely beneficial to wear a layer of fabric, such as a sock, to help minimize the sensation of friction on your skin. Since the beginning of time, ordinary cotton socks have performed this function. Fortunately, recent advances in garment design have added padding in socks to provide better cushioning in high-impact regions. The two layers of fabric that make up the inner of the sock will also aid in reducing regions of friction. While cushioned and double-layered socks are generally reserved for high-intensity sports, they can also be worn on a more casual basis.

    When did socks appear?

    Socks first appeared in the 8th century BC and were made of combed animal hair, which was referred to as “piloi” in ancient Greek. Back in the day, making socks out of animals was a common topic of discussion. Their feet were bound together with animal hides and fastened around their ankles in the Roman style.

    Ancient Greek Socks

    It wasn't until the second century (AD) that the process of making socks began to change significantly. Skins of animals were used to create the knitted fabric, resulting in a sock that is quite similar to today’s ones. The Romans were the first civilization to weave textiles together to create socks, which they named “udones” . These socks are softer and comfier than their predecessors, which is a significant improvement over their predecessors.

    By the 5th century (AD), everyone had made it to Europe. Although they are exclusively worn by holy persons, this implies that they have widespread identification with the Church. These socks are seen as a representation of purity. These 'puttees' are made of cloth and are designed to be wrapped around the ankle and up to the knee, much like a bandage.

    Socks are quite common in people's life nowadays, and they come in a range of sizes, colors, and designs. There are even socks that may be worn during the whole summer season.

    Who can wear socks?

    Socks can be worn by all genders and ages, and there are many choices of socks, colors, and textures for everyone to choose from. Each person will have different fashion and aesthetic tastes, so there is no clear division, except for specialized socks for women or children.

    Some popular types of socks

    No Show Socks

    Imagine you are wearing a pair of socks on your feet but everyone around you does not realize it. A type with a unique design with a length of socks that do not show when you wear them. These short socks will keep your feet comfortable, stylish, and dry. Plus they'll stay on your feet all day long without slipping off your heels.

    Short ankle socks that don't show the outside are a good choice for short shorts, but it also depends on your flexibility in the arrangement. The trend of revealing ankles seems to be everywhere and from jeans to loafers to trousers and Oxford shoes. However, the shoes that should be avoided are boots, sandals, or high heels.

    Low Cut Socks

    Socks are often confused with ankle socks, but they are completely different. Short ankle socks are usually equal to or slightly above the ankle. They will protect your back heel more effectively, not being scratched by shoes.

    Men's ankle socks are not usually a fashion accessory. They are often used by boys for training at the gym or in other sports activities.

    Over The Calf Socks

    Socks Mid-calf socks are socks that need to be filled in your sock drawer. They are one of the “items” that are always needed by modern people.

    These socks are perfect for both sneakers, loafers, party shoes, boots, and just about anything else. In addition, they are extremely diverse with all materials, colors, patterns, and even thicknesses.

    Effective ways to wear socks

    When in doubt, choose dark and black

    If you are in a traditional work environment or have an important meeting coming up and don't want to take it too seriously, black, brown, or dark blue socks are the best options. choose pretty safe for you. We usually love colorful and patterned socks, but sometimes the things that stand out just don't fit at all.

    Try adding textures and textures

    Don't just settle down with basic men's socks, they will gradually create boredom for your fashion style. Try to change your look a bit by adding unique patterned socks or embossed patterns on the socks. With the usual embossed socks, there will always be a neutral color that is quite easy to coordinate with any outfit.

    Try bold colors

    Try matching ton sur ton socks with your outfit with pops of color-block for an overall accent. Brightly colored socks will create the attraction of everyone around.

    Another pretty safe option is men's socks of the same color with stripes, polka dots or simple geometric patterns. These three types of patterns are extremely diverse in colors and designs to help guys. Men have the right choice in their style of dressing.

    Color coordination for your overall outfit

    When it comes to color schemes for a comedic outfit overall, experts recommend choosing men's socks in a similar color to one of the clothes you're wearing. This will create a seamless and unified feel for your overall look.

    Avoid duplicate patterns

    One note is that you should avoid repeating patterns on men's socks and the patterns you wear on your clothes. However, if you are used to coordinating the colors in your outfit, then do it your way if they look okay and harmonious.

    Things to know when wearing socks in winter

    Do not wear socks all-day

    Wearing socks 24 hours a day most of the day makes your feet tight and not breathable. This affects overall health in general and it is also the cause of your body's fatigue and discomfort.

    Change your socks often

    Even if you don't wear socks 24/24 a day, if you wear socks for a few days this is not good for your health either. Because although the winter weather is less dusty and we sweat less than in the summer, the cells still die and seal the openings in the socks, making it impossible for the socks to circulate to the outside. . This is very harmful to health. So change your socks often!

    Do not wear tight socks, bind your feet

    If you choose tight socks, you will initially feel warmer than other socks, but that makes the ability to breathe in the pores even more sharply reduced, making you very susceptible to foot odor. It is best to choose socks that fit and are comfortable for you.

    Do not wear socks when sleeping

    Regularly wearing socks when sleeping can clog the pores in your feet, making sweat not drain out, causing discomfort and you can't sleep well. Constantly losing sleep makes joints irritable, always confined in a tight space, from which it is easy to develop rheumatic diseases.

    Mistakes when wearing socks

    Wear white socks 

    White socks are designed for exercise and should never be worn unless you are engaged in physical exercise. To put it simply, they are athletic socks. You might laugh about that, but it's a frequent blunder that we see all the time. If you don't want to appear like Jerry Seinfeld from the 1980s, don't do it.

    Color matching

    The usual basic rule is that you should match your socks to your pants, not your shoes, as a matter of course. On the other hand, we have seen some fantastic shorts-shoe combos that do not generally adhere to this guideline.

    You want your outfit to be flexible, so while you're sitting to dry your socks, it's critical to maintain a consistent line from your pants to your shoes. If you wear socks that are not the same color as your pants, your clothing will seem messy and out of place.

    How to use and preservation

    When washing socks, you should turn the product upside down first, this detail helps the product to be washed cleaner, limiting the direct contact of the fabric surface with the rough rotation of the washing machine, the socks will retain their durability. material as well as color.

    Rinse the socks with a little water to remove dirt and odors, then mix the detergent with water with a small amount of water, gently rub in the mixed mixture, soak for 15 minutes and then rub again. If the stain is difficult to wash, ordinary washing powder is not effective, you should mix lemon juice and soak it for 5 minutes and then rub it again, or you can replace lemon with vinegar.

    Should wash socks with cold water, avoid hot water causing stretch.

    Where can buy good socks?

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