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Jul, 20 2021
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When enjoying coffee, what kind of mug do you usually choose to use to hold the drink? Porcelain mugs and mugs are printed with many uses in many different shapes and colors. For those reasons, should you own a mug for yourself?
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    What is the history of Mugs?

    The earliest mugs unearthed by archaeologists date back to around 10,000 BC and are from the Neolithic period. China and Japan produce these drinking mugs, which are extremely robust despite the fact that they do not have handles.

    Handles were created as a result of the replacement of ceramic mugs with bone and wood materials later on. Clay mugs were produced and painted by hand for hundreds of years before the development of the pottery wheel. These clay mugs, like the majority of antique ceramics, have thick walls that make them heavy and difficult to drink from.

    By the year 2000 BC, metal mugs composed of gold, silver, copper, and lead had become widely used across the world. In addition to the apparent risks provided by lead mugs, these mugs make it extremely difficult to consume hot beverages.

    Not until 600 C.E., when porcelain was developed in China, did the world finally have a mug that was just the correct size for drinking out of. Porcelain mugs are suitable for both hot and cold beverages, and they are also quite thin and light. They continue to be a popular choice among coffee connoisseurs to this day.

    During the 19th century, Victor porcelain mugs were used by every restaurant in America to serve their customers. From then, the wheels are repositioned to make the mugs more contemporary, innovative, and one-of-a-kind.

    Espresso mugs were still plain white in color until 1992. Some have logos on them for the sake of adornment at the most. According to the American Chronicle, Illy was the first firm to blend art and espresso in a single beverage. After making the ground-breaking decision to hire architect and designer Matteo Thun to rethink the espresso mug, the company went on to create the Illy Art Collections, which is a multi-purpose collection that heralded the beginning of the collector's separation period.

    The mug you are currently holding in your hand has traveled a great distance. Mugs are currently available in a wide range of sizes and colors to accommodate the demands of all customers.

    How many types of mugs?

    Ceramic Mugs

    Most of the mugs in your kitchen cabinets are made from ceramic. These mugs have a smooth, glazed appearance. This is the material of choice for drinking water. Not only is the material safe, high temperature resistant, but the insulation effect is relatively good, drinking hot water or drinking tea is a good choice.

    Glass Mugs

    While this mug isn't ideal for warm drinks, it's a great choice for cold beers. These mugs are often referred to as steins and work well for restaurants, pubs or bars. Glass is the friendliest of the materials. Besides, the glass is smooth and easy to clean. However, glass has poor heat resistance, avoid using too hot water as it can cause cracking

    Porcelain Mugs

    The porcelain mugs are very suitable for evening tea parties or holidays with the whole family. They make every event a little more elegant and tasteful.

    Travel Mugs

    Travel mugs are designed with a lid attached to help you avoid spills, move around and keep your drinks hot.

    Espresso Mugs

    Espresso is hot coffee, so it is often used in thick mugs, with handles and the ability to retain heat. The most commonly used type of Espresso mug is a small, thick porcelain mug, which is placed on a plate. It's also elegant and sophisticated.

    Eco-Friendly Mugs

    These mugs have a similar appearance to a paper mug for drinking from, but they are non-toxic to the environment and may be reused. They are excellent gifts for big groups of people attending trade fairs or conferences.

    Mugs with Spoons

    If you want your coffee with a bit of sugar or if you prefer to add a little honey to your tea, these mugs are a great choice. When it comes to mixing in extra tastes, the tiny spoon is ideal.

    The difference between ceramic and glass mugs

    Glass mugs

    People proceed to shape and harden liquid glass into solid glass. Therefore, glass mugs have the advantage of being able to shape them in many different shapes.

    This type of mug is often used for drinks such as wine, juice, etc. If used to drink and enjoy coffee, it is mainly a mug with a large capacity, a simple design to hold a number of types. Iced milk coffee, milk coffee,…

    Glass coffee mugs often have thin walls, so they cannot fully retain the temperature of the coffee inside during the enjoyment process. Not to mention that when the temperature changes suddenly, the glass mug is easy to crack, causing danger to the user.

    Ceramic mugs

    Ceramic mugs are made from earth, fired at 1300 degrees, sometimes up to 1650 degrees Celsius. They impress diners thanks to their smooth glaze and unique patterns.

    When enjoying coffee like latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc., people will use ceramic coffee mugs rather than glass ones. Because these drinks need a container that can keep the temperature of the coffee at the longest level. And porcelain mugs are a perfect choice for this requirement.

    Ceramic coffee mugs are not only simple and easy to use, but also suitable for any interior space, and are harder to crack than glass mugs. Bringing people a feeling of comfort and confidence when enjoying coffee.

    How to use durable ceramic mugs over the years

    With white mugs and glasses, many people often use warm water to clean. However, this approach has not really yielded the desired effect.

    Instead of using warm water, you can use a mixture of eggshells, lemon, and vinegar. How to do it is as simple as this: You crush about 6 eggshells into a porcelain mug, the porcelain mug needs to be cleaned, then squeeze two over a lemon or half a mug of vinegar. Soak overnight to let the eggshell dissolve in the lemon juice, then wash the utensils with hot water and dry.

    You can also use flour. Take flour mixed with water, wipe it once on the surface. Leave it on for a while and then use a soft cloth to wipe it off. This method helps white porcelain mugs shine like new.

    To clean yellow stains on white porcelain mugs, you can apply the following simple but highly effective solutions:

    Use sand or granulated salt: You use a little sand or granulated salt in a mug, then pour a solution of water mixed with dishwashing liquid and shake your head. Leave overnight and the next day washes off with clean water. This simple way will remove the yellow stains on the surface of the product.

    You can also use coffee grounds. Take some coffee grounds to dry or put them in the microwave for about 3 minutes to make the coffee dry faster. Next, put the coffee grounds in the bowl and scrub vigorously with a dishwashing detergent. Please note that the scrub is dry, not water. Then rinse with clean water.

    How to preserve the Mug?

    Ceramic mugs or any other porcelain objects in the house should be stored in a well-ventilated place. Just to keep the natural porcelain mug color, not yellow, and avoid unpleasant odors appearing. Do not use the dishwasher to wash because it will fade the decorative patterns on ceramics, the inside of the kettle will not be washed thoroughly and cleanly. So, it's best to spend less time washing by hand just to be sure. Note, in the washing process, do not rub too hard, do not use metal dishwashers to avoid scratches.

    Some note when use mugs

    Do not overuse detergents to clean porcelain mugs

    The cleanliness of porcelain mugs is very good. However, regular cleaning of porcelain mugs with detergent is also the cause of the color coating on the mug peeling and fading. Therefore, you should limit the use of detergents to clean porcelain mugs. For colored drinks that stick to the surface of the mug, soak the porcelain mug with dishwashing liquid before cleaning.

    Do not stack porcelain mugs on top of each other as this may cause chipping, chipping or scratching of the enameled outer layer. It is best to keep each mug separately on a fixed amount.

    Some types of mugs are preferred when making hot drinks

    Ceramic mugs: When it comes to holding hot drinks, mugs are always the first choice of many people. Ceramic mugs inherently have high heat resistance, are made from clay as the main raw material, have undergone many processing processes, fired at a temperature of nearly 1300 degrees Celsius, and for the same reason that the glass is temperature resistant so high. Ceramic mugs can hold hot water, boiling water, even being directly exposed to heat such as boiling, cooking, or microwaving.

    Water bottle or thermos mug: A thermos bottle or mug with features to keep the temperature for a long time whether cold or hot water. The thermos bottle is great for those of you who want to bring hot or warm water to work and school.

    High-quality glass mugs: Instead of using ordinary glass mugs, which easily cause unwanted accidents, we should use high-quality glass mugs that have both good heat resistance and moderate heat resistance. Limit the impact to a certain height and also ensure health.

    Where to buy a good Mug?

    Currently, ceramic coffee mugs are in need of supply in large quantities because the demand for ceramic mugs is very large. Therefore, to be able to both supply a sufficient number of ceramic mugs to the market and ensure the quality of the mugs is always a matter of concern to manufacturers.

    One of the places that are trusted by the majority of customers can be mentioned: Printerval.com. With a wide range of products, Printerval specializes in providing customers with the best quality mugs.


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