Why are modern coats impossible in completely replacing cloaks?

Jul, 19 2021
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Although Cloaks are less ubiquitous than coats or other types of clothing, they never go out of date. In contrast, cloaks become a special type of outfit which are used on special occasions. Except for keeping the body warm, cloaks are functional in fashion statements. Access Printerval.com to read more!
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    A fashion item with various implications when people put it on from arty, classic to mysterious. A fashion item with a long-lasting and curious history that appeared a thousand years ago. Cloak, the name that Printerval mentions and analyses in this article. 

    What is Cloak?

    Cloak is a type of clothing which is worn outside as an outfit to protect people from extreme weather conditions or to be a fashionable attire, sometimes, it can be used as a part of the uniform as you can see in the Harry Potter Film Series. In ancient times, Cloak was a full-body and loose garment that was easily taken off because it did not constrain the wearer with sleeves. Cloak has been developed and innovated for a long time since it first appeared in the Middle Ages. There are three main types of Cloaks, including Button-Shoulder Cloaks, Mantles, and Royal Cloaks.

    Cloaks in Harry Potter film series

    Why is it called “ Cloak”?

    The term “ cloak” derives from the old word “ cloque” of French which means “traveling cloak”. Another origin is from “clocca” of Medieval Latin word in Roman Catholic Western Europe during the Middle Ages. With this name, Cloak was described as a bell-shaped garment for travelers because “ clocca” means “a bell”. In addition, Cloaks sometimes can be called “ cape” or “ poncho” which contain added hoods. 

    Cloaks in the 1830s

    How has the evolution of Cloak been?

    In the Middle Ages ( From the 13th century to the 15th century)

    The earliest cloaks were worn by North Americans to keep their body warm on bitterly cold days. Simultaneously, they were widely used by Ancient Romans, Scots, and Arabs during the Middle Ages. It is believed that the first cloak was from blankets or bed covering made from leather. 

    In Ancient Rome, Cloak was the symbol of social status because there were many different types of length including shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle length. 

    Different types of cloaks had, of course, different names. The simplest style of the cloak was “paenula” which was worn by both sexes. Roman Soldiers and Officers wore Cloaks with the name “ sagum”. These types of cloaks are knee length with the shape of rectangular fabric made from heavy material usually fastened by “ fibula” which is known as a metal or leather clasp. The red cloaks were for Soldiers and the scarlet ones were for officers. On the other hand, Cloaks with purple color and a large brooch fastening on one shoulder were worn by Roman Generals to distinguish their status from other soldiers and officers. 

    In addition, Lacerna, a variant of the cloak, was worn by Roman senators over their toga and priests wore Leana, which was a thick, round woolen cloak. In particular, the Emperors of Rome wore paludamentum, and expensive ankle-length cloaks fastened with gold or jeweled clasp or brooch to show their power and wealth. For the wealthy in Roman society, a type of colorfully decorated cloak named lallium was reversed. Despite the diversity regarding names, Cloaks at that time were simple in design in general. 


    During the Renaissance( from the 15th to the 17th century)

    Since the Renaissance, tailored cloaks have been worn. Hoods have been added to cloaks which have been innovated so that they could cover the front. In addition, cloaks have created holes or slits for the hands to pass through.

    In the 18th century, cardinal or scarlet hooded cloaks were very widely used in Britain. Those types of cloaks were made of scarlet wool cloth which was double milled to make them more resilient to weather. In particular, scarlet was another name for cloak and it had various colors. 

    Cardinal hooded cloak

    From Victorian Romantic Era to Edwardian Cloaks and Capes ( From the 19th century to the early 20th century)

    Queen Alexandra ( 1844 - 1925) wore Coronation Robes

    Before the 1890s

    Along with long types of cloaks, the shorter ones began dominating the fashion items in 1850 which were ideal to be used as overcoats. These types of cloaks with the shawl were worn by women in the Victorian era to disguise pregnancy effectively and became an inevitable garment for them. 

    The short cloak construction was often merged with the hip-length mantelet styles with semi-fitted or hanging loose sleeves.  You can see in the illustrations below that the cape and the mantelet had a similar silhouette as the 1880s progressed.

    In the 1890s 

    This decade witnessed a lot of dramatic changes in Cloaks in terms of types, designs, fabrics, etc. In particular, cloaks became shorter, hip-length mantelets were modern. Here are some significant points of cloaks in this decade. 

    Women's Cloak in the 1890s
    The Semi Tailored Cloak

    This type of cloak was a shorter version of the previous type and was welcomed by the new woman as it was practical and unobtrusive in appearance. It was ideal for elderly women as well. 

    Major fabrics for the 1890’s Cloaks and Capes. 

    It is admitted that fabrics are the physical body of fashion items, we can not talk about the history of fashion without mentioning fabrics used to produce them. During this decade, materials made cloaks were diverse including wool, figured cloth, wool Melton, satin, silk, pleated chiffon, velvet, velveteen, bourdon lace, lace, moiré, taffeta, and mourning crepe.

    Capes with tiers and trimmings

    Cape was another name of the cloak at that time which varied from the short fichu style puritan to full sweeping floor-length types. Particularly, a high collar was added to the cape and became fashionable.

    In the early 20th century: the innovation of styles

    Dog Collar Cape

    Since 1895, collars on capes have been higher and higher which was called  Dog Collar Cape. This style of collar began on dresses and blouses. 

    Women's cape in 1895

    From Cloaks to Coats ( in the period from 1900 to 1915)

    By the 1900s coats replaced cloaks gradually as many women favored wearing a coat. At that time, coats were worn as evening outfits. It was not until the 1950s that coats became day wear which was made from tweed and mohair. However, older women still wore cloaks after 1900. As a result, cloaks were known as mature fashion. 

    Wealthy men wore coats in 1900.

    Longer Capes merged into Coat Styles

    In the period from 1900 to 1914, there were many types of coats that could be bought in every textile store. Some of the popular styles were loose dust coats ( dusters), straighter coats, and cocoon coats. The new oriental-style cocoon coats contributed to the demise of capes as the all-enveloping nature of the cocoon coat fulfilled an equivalent function that the cape or cloak had previously. 

    The modern cloaks

    Although Cloaks are less ubiquitous than coats or other types of clothing, they never go out of date. In contrast, cloaks become a special type of outfit which are used on special occasions. Except for keeping the body warm, cloaks are functional in fashion statements. 

    Ankle-Length Cloak in the street

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    A unique style of Cloak on Printerval.com

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