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What are 3D Hoodies? 

3D Hoodie is a type of shirt designed with a comfortable loose form, hip length, and often sewn with a hat. Produced with many different materials, but the most popular is still felt fabric. A simple design gives you a variety of ways to coordinate. So you can completely turn many different styles from simple and dynamic to personality and disruptive.

3D Hoodie is a casual fashion item that shows dynamism and comfort. Therefore, 3D Hoodie is suitable for streetwear, going out, going to school, or outdoor activities.

3D Hoodie is a popular fashion item that is loved by young people today. 3D Hoodie originated from New York - The city is considered the capital of the world. Therefore, the design of the 3D Hoodie brings a bit of street fashion and a modern breath from the place it was born. However, to be able to confidently shape your own dressing style with a 3D Hoodie. You need to know some basic knowledge about 3D Hoodies as well as how to mix them properly.

When were 3D Hoodies born? 

Hoodies in the past were inspired by the clothes of monks. At this time, these hoodies were favored by the poor in the West. Because they are so thick, they are able to keep their bodies warm throughout the winter. Historically, it may be stated that the origins of the hoodie were so dark and faded that it was only worn by church monks and the low peasantry class.

1930: Transformed by designers

However, it wasn't until the 1930s that these original hoodies were transformed by designers to become a more popular type of clothing. The first hoodie was born by a clothing company called Champion. It is worn under the hood and is commonly used by tournament athletes. Besides, workers in the factory also love this shirt to keep warm.

From a mediocre shirt, the hoodie has become a symbol of street-style fashion trends. In the 70s and 19th centuries, hoodies were loved by many hip hop stars, graffiti artists to street dancers, and surfers.

1980: Officially on the catwalk

Until the 1980s, the hoodie represented a significant step forward, having debuted on the professional catwalk in the Sweatserch Collection, the first collection of its kind. This has altered the fashion perception of the set, which was previously regarded to be overly basic.. 3D hoodies appear and have very high applicability because they are suitable for both men and women. It then quickly became an iconic part of American culture thanks to the influence of Hip hop and Streetstyle fashion trends.

Now, a 3D hoodie has become one of the indispensable items in fashion collections. It is also becoming more popular with young people and is always the most popular item in the cold weather of winter. The 3D hoodie is simple but highly applicable, which is why this style of shirt is so popular.

Why choose to buy 3D Hoodies on Printerval?

Printerval has a lot of 3D Hoodies with unique designs, inspired by many designers

Printerval has a wide selection of blankets with unique designs created by many designers.

The designs are all exclusively designed with creative and catchy images that you can hardly find on other websites. In addition, the designs on Printerval also have a lot of meaning, inspiration, or simply designs inspired by movies or comic books for those who love those movies. 3D textures are the highlight for the shirts, lifelike 3D images make your shirt more special.

Safe material 

On Printerval.com, we provided hoodies with a soft, safe material and appreciation for a variety of contexts.

Felt fabric is a fabric with a surface covered with short and silky hair, when you touch it, you will feel the softness of the fabric. Especially in winter when you wear clothes made of felt fabric will feel very warm.

The felt fabric has been popularly used by everyone since the 90s. Products made from felt fabric are very diverse from clothes, pillows, seat covers, etc. because it has many outstanding advantages over other fabrics such as cotton, wool. The first advantage cannot be ignored, that is: the felt fabric offers extreme softness and warmth. It's warmer than sweaters, or cotton thanks to its short fluffy coat and parallel two-sided construction. That's why when sewing 3D Hoodies, you can also change and wear both face and face, very convenient. The second advantage that makes felt fabric popular and especially trusted by Vietnamese local brands is that the fabric is very low in water absorption. This makes the shirt very suitable for the winter climate with dew and drizzle like our country. Not to mention, the clothes are also very quick to dry when washed and the normal weight is also very light compared to other fabrics.

The final advantage is that 3D Hoodies made from nylon fabric have many colors and designs to choose from. You can freely search in rich colors with different textures until you find a fabric that you like.

Reasonable price

The price of each 3D Hoodie varies according to the size and design, however, Printerval.com offers competitive pricing that is affordable for a wide range of clients. The 3D hoodie is available for purchase for as little as £28 or as much as £32 depending on your requirements.

Discounts and sales of certain products that are one-of-a-kind and significant will be offered on important occasions. You can find out more about the sweatshirt for sale by visiting the Printerval website, which has detailed information about each item.

Currency payment

In order to maintain pricing while also avoiding difficulties associated with currency rate discrepancies. Payment for all items should be made on Printerval in GBP (£). As a result, no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to simply purchase and pay for our 3D Hoodie items without any issues.

The delivery fee is so cheap!

No matter where you are in the world, Printerval is committed to assisting clients in receiving the most affordable shipping rates possible. There is a variance in the number of delivery days depending on the goods and the location of delivery.
Visit the Get Help area of ​​the website to learn more about our shipping and delivery policies, as well as the precise shipping cost and expected delivery time.

Custom follow customer needs

In order to encourage our clients to be innovative, we also provide customized services that are tailored to their specific requirements. Customize the 3D hoodie by printing a quote, photo, or just a hilarious graphic that you have created yourself on your computer. All you have to do is place your purchase in advance and wait for the day on which you will receive your 3D sweatshirt. Please keep in mind that if you wish to personalize your order, the delivery time may be longer.

Diverse from size to type

The variety from models to sizes gives customers many choices. For each need and purpose, there will be a size 3D Hoodie to suit it.

Best gift for people

In addition to providing warmth or aesthetic effects, 3D hoodies are an excellent alternative for making gifts for friends and family members on important occasions, especially holidays. There are also numerous models available on the website that may be utilized as meaningful gifts and to create lasting memories for people in your life.

How to choose good 3D Hoodies?

Choose the right material 

Both the outer and inner materials of the hoodie are important for softness and comfort. Cotton and fleece are popular exterior materials. Cotton, fur, or fleece can be used as the inside material... You can get hoodies made from these materials and the thickness, comfort, and price of the hoodie depend on the material it is made of. Since a hoodie is a very functional piece of clothing, you should determine the purpose of wearing the hoodie before choosing the type of hoodie you want to buy. For example, if you are buying it to wear in the winter and if you know that the temperature can get very low then you should choose fur as the inner material. If you want to wear it to keep yourself warm, then you should wear a hoodie with fur inside. If you want a lighter hoodie, you should choose cotton. The lighter hoodie is suitable for running. Cotton is considered a very high-quality material. So if a hoodie is made from 100% cotton then you can be sure that the quality of the hoodie is good.

On the market today are sewn from 2 popular felt fabrics are:

Felt fabric is usually thinner, has a light surface texture, has good stretch. Felt fabric is often also diverse in color but has a relatively cheap price that can be used to sew pillows, handmade items, etc.

Korean felt fabric is a soft fabric that is thicker than normal felt, especially not ruffled has a moderate stretch. This is a fabric that is more often used to make hoodies and is also used to sew handmade items such as pillows, bears, keychains, ..

Choose the right size

In addition to materials, colors, designs, size is an indispensable factor when you choose to buy any fashion item. However, you often do not have much experience in choosing the size. This makes a lot of you spend money when buying shirts that do not fit you.

On Printerval.com provides full size, suitable for each body shape

For Men













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89kg – 95kg

For Women






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56kg – 65kg

Choose the right 3D Hoodie color

First, pay attention to the four most popular colors of the 3D hoodie (black, white, navy, and gray), the possibilities of which are endless with other fashion items. Each person will be suitable for a particular fashion style, according to which the arrangement of the outfits will also be different.

The 3D hoodie is a versatile item because it can be combined with many other clothes to create different styles. Check out some of the mix & match outfits below with basic hoodie colors and you can choose which color suits your personal style best.

Black 3D hoodie

For a cool set, pair your hoodie with zip-up jackets in a black sur-tone outfit. This combination is not only easy to imitate but also helps you update the latest autumn and winter fashion trends.

Navy blue 3Dhoodie

You don't need to be too fancy, all you need is to pair your navy hoodie with a denim jacket with black jeans. While hoodies and jeans are relatively similar in color, the difference in texture between them adds depth to the outfit.

Gray 3D hoodies

A wardrobe with timeless items is everyone's dream, gray hoodies are always a great choice for any man's wardrobe, they are said to be one of those pieces. Best hooded hoodie to date. While the coordination ability of the hoodie

Famous brand

You will find different brands of 3D Hoodies in the market. When you buy from famous brands, you can be sure that the quality of the 3D Hoodie will be good. So try to buy it from a famous brand like Adidas, Nike, Columbia, The North Face,... These brands never compromise on quality.

In addition to the quality of the 3D Hoodie, you should also consider the style before buying. You can get 3D Hoodies in various styles including solid color, plaid, striped, sport, graphic,... You can also get girly 3D Hoodies for women. Sports 3D Hoodies are made for athletes and offer comfort. 3D Hoodies can have slogans or images that reflect the wearer's personality. 3D Hoodies are very stylish and people from all walks of life wear them for comfort and fashion. There is a wide selection available in terms of materials, colors, and styles. So people can buy any kind of 3D Hoodies. Before buying 3D Hoodies you should read reviews and shop around to find the best quality. The type of 3D Hoodie you buy should match your personal style. So you have to do some research before buying a 3D Hoodie

How to choose the best 3D Hoodies?

The first step to being able to dress in beautiful and fashionable men's 3D Hoodies is to understand your own body shape and the best combinations for your body shape. Each person, tall, thin, or fat, has advantages to show off and flaws to hide. Therefore, understanding your body shape will help you choose the right men's shirt, thereby helping to highlight the best concealer.


Thin/lightweight guys

If you're slim or below average, wear 3D Hoodies that are lined with extra layers to prevent sagging around your waist, which makes you appear larger. If you have a strong body, thin 3D Hoodies will also suit you extremely well. In both cases, you should also limit shirts without zippers.

Big fat guys

If you have a chubby figure, make sure your shirt doesn't draw attention to your belly. The top point you need to keep in mind is a comfortable shirt, but also make sure to make your body look slimmer. Choosing an oversized hoodie can direct people's attention away from your figure. your fat if you are taller than average, however, if your height is limited – it will backfire, making your body look bigger.


Short guys

If you have a short height, the first thing you need to avoid is oversized or oversized 3D Hoodies. These oversized or longer-than-normal tops will make you look fuller, drawing attention to your short weight and height. Instead, choose 3D Hoodies that don't fall below your waist, prefer ones that are moderately thick, fit your body, and have sleeves that aren't long enough to cover your ankles.

Tall guys

If you're a little taller than average, the first thing you need to do is figure out the exact length of your shirt. You should choose for yourself a shirt that is longer or larger than usual, as long as they are not short on your waist. Be sure to check the quality of the fabric as 3D Hoodies can often shrink during the wash, which should make you consider buying a larger size than usual.

When buying a hoodie, it's important that they really fit your body. Bigger guys shouldn't automatically choose for themselves loose-fitting oversized shirts, instead choose medium-sized shirts.

For those with a slim figure, what you need is not only a shirt that fits your body shape but also a good fashion response to create your own style. 3D Hoodies come in many styles and colors so be sure to find the one that best suits your style.

3D Hoodies are made from a variety of materials such as cotton or sherpa/borg. So consider carefully choosing the most suitable material for your body as well as the weather outside.


Good quality 3D hoodies will be expensive. So the price is also a determining factor in the quality of the 3D hoodie. So, if you find that the price of a 3D hoodie is very cheap, no matter how good it looks, you shouldn't buy it. You should shop around and find out the average price of a good 3D hoodie. That way you'll have an idea of how much a good quality 3D hoodie can cost. A cheap 3D hoodie will probably use low-quality materials and so it won't last long. You should avoid buying such a 3D hoodie

The best way to mix & match with 3D Hoodies

How to coordinate with men's hoodies

Hoodie gives men a dusty, youthful, and active look. Let's see how effective the hoodie is when combined with the two most basic pants below.

Combine Hoodie with Jeans

Combining men's hoodies with men's jeans is an extremely simple formula for young dynamic boys. Jeans not only bring a dynamic and youthful look to the boys but also transform the boys into stylish and sporty. Dusty with a combination of Hoodie with ripped Jeans and boots. Or mix Hoodie with Dark jeans are also an interesting suggestion

Mix Hoodie with Shorts

If you are bored with the usual image and want to change the style. Try to mix Hoodie with Shorts to see how! You will definitely see a new self-image. Fashionable, elegant when mixing Hoodie with Short khaki, sneakers, and men's short socks. This option is very suitable for outdoor picnics with friends. Or when participating in sports activities, walking on the weekend.

How to coordinate with women's hoodies

Combine Hoodie with Jeans

Still, the familiar jeans of the girl's lips and the formula that never goes out of fashion is to mix jeans with women's Hoodie. Or break the way when mixing torn jeans with traditional hoodies. New with how to mix tight jeans with Croptop stylized female Hoodies, learn Korean style mix tight jeans with long Hoodies, sneakers, and high-collared female socks. . And there are countless other styles of mixing with Jeans of the Hoodie family's shirts. Be creative according to your taste. And if you are a safe girl, please refer to the various ways of mixing Printerval suggested above.

Mix Hoodie with Shorts

The contrast in the length of the dress will help you cheat your height. It is recommended that females wear a Hoodie with shorts as a combination.

Hoodie combined with a skirt

Any warm and stylish girl needs to know how to mix a hoodie with a skirt. Try mixing skirt styles in your wardrobe this way right now.

Hoodie with overalls

This mix is ​​extremely popular in Korea. Simply put, instead of the old ways to mix old clothes, Hoodie mix with overalls brings a fancy style that is very cute and very suitable for this autumn-winter teen girl.

Hoodie with jogger pants

Jogger pants will transform you into a sexy and personality girl when mixing them with a hoodie. With this mix, you can also participate in sports or dance activities very conveniently.

Hoodie with skinny pants

Skinny is the most popular pants second only to Jeans. Therefore, of course, the ways to mix clothes with hoodies cannot ignore these pants.

How much does an average 3D Hoodie cost? 

The greatest and most inexpensive 3D Hoodie can be found at Printerval.com, with an average price of £30. We strive to deliver the finest and most reasonable products possible. Beautiful 3D Hoodies may be obtained in a variety of sizes and styles.

Where to buy the cheapest and best 3D Hoodies? 

Printerval.com, which has a large distribution system throughout the country, offers a wide variety of 3D Hoodies in all colors and sizes that are custom designed to your specifications. Printerval.com is a reputable website that provides users with the best possible service while reducing shipping costs and shipping as quickly as possible.