Can hoodies be worn in Summer?

Sep, 03 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
Choosing a hoodie in the summer is a difficult decision for the wearer. Although the weather is quite hot, dressing well is still an essential need. To be able to put on a hoodie in summer days, here are the things fashionistas need to keep in mind.
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    How to choose a hoodie on a summer day?

    Choose the right hoodie fabric for the summer heat

    Of course, when it comes to wearing hoodies in the hot season, the first thing to pay attention to is the fabric. Usually, hoodies will be made from three fabrics: fur felt, fish skin felt, cotton blend.

    The first is feather felt, this is a fabric that I recommend you to stay away from if you don't want to be baked every time you go out. Feather felt is made from cotton-blend PE, is woven quite thickly, and has a layer of fur inside. This fabric has the advantage of standing up (often used a lot in Streetwear) and keeping warm well. However, depending on the climate, that advantage becomes a huge disadvantage. When you wear a hoodie made of fur to the street, it's like you are wrapped in a 2 3 layer thick blanket, and under the 40 degrees Celsius sun, you will quickly be baked in your own hoodie. In addition, when you sweat, the fabric will stick to your skin before you wash it for the first 2 to 3 times, the feeling is quite uncomfortable.

    Next, is fish skin felt, this is a temporarily acceptable type of felt. The same material as felt but made thinner and also without the inner lining. The identifying feature of this felt is that the inside of the thread is woven into a shape resembling fish skin. Because it is relatively thin, the fish skin felt is not as stewed as feather felt as well as better absorbent, so this is quite suitable for wearing in the summer.

    Cotton blend is the best fabric for making hoodies. As their name suggests, this fabric is made from cotton mixed with other impurities, usually PE or spandex to keep the form and stretch more expensive. Similarly, this fabric is thicker than standard cotton textiles. The reason I say these are the best fabrics is that they are thin, light, and absorbent among the fabrics commonly used to make hoodies.

    Give preference to oversized hoodies and bright colors

    Oversize style is the most suitable way to choose a hoodie in the summer, to help you stay comfortable even in the hot sun. Using this shirt in hot and humid places, very few people choose to wear body-hugging shirts.

    When going out, use a hoodie as a jacket. So a shirt with large size will help the air around your body to circulate better. You will feel cooler when walking in the sun.

    To avoid solar radiation, you should choose a hoodie with bright colors such as light gray, beige, white, cream. If you wear it in the evening, you are free to choose the right tones to your liking.

    Hoodies with zippers

    The heat and ventilation are very important, while hooded hoodies are beautiful and quite modern, it is difficult to do this in the best way. And this is where the zippers come into play. Not only is it easy to put on and off, but the zipper also helps your shirt become airier. In the sunny season, just put on a zipper hoodie and open the zipper to protect your skin well without fear of heat.

    Zipper hoodies also have many types: normal zipper, mezzanine zipper (zipper from the middle of the shirt to the neck), full zip (I don't know how to name it correctly, it's the zipper up to the neck). hood), 2-layer zipper (can be pulled from the bottom to partially open), ... Depending on your personal fashion style, you can choose a suitable hoodie model.

    Dress according to the temperature of the places you are going

    This is not a tip to wear a hoodie so that it doesn't get hot in the summer, but this is simply a piece of advice I give you. As you can see, in the summer, the temperature at noon can reach more than 35 degrees, not to mention the crowded streets, smog, and traffic jams also contribute to the increase in heat. So no matter what you wear, or even wear a tank top to the street, the sweat is still profuse. So the best way is to dress according to the temperature of the places you are going and do your best to protect your skin from the sun. Because the sun, especially at noon, not only causes darkening of the skin but also can lead to skin diseases, especially skin cancer.

    It is no wonder that so many people living in the desert regions of the Middle East wear loose clothing that covers them from head to toe, which is mainly to protect them from the scorching sun.

    Ways to coordinate with hoodies in summer

    It has never been easy to coordinate a set of clothes with a hoodie to both satisfy the aesthetics and respond to the effects of the weather.

    New when combined with shorts

    Shorts are a common item for camping trips and street walks. Instead of always sticking to long pants, change your style to suit hot summer days by combining a hoodie with shorts.

    You can comfortably wear a thin t-shirt inside or better yet, a solo hoodie with shorts to reduce the influence of the weather.

    Hoodies mix with short

    Be active with elastic

    Hoodies mix with jogger pants

    Jogger pants can be said to be one of the most perfect combinations for hoodies. If combined with shorts is ideal for date night. Then jogger pants will be reasonable if forced to go out at noontime.

    Instead of using a pair of jeans, trousers, khaki pants are quite inferior in terms of comfort. Obviously, a pair of spandex jogger pants will bring a much cooler feeling.

    Should you combine a shirt with a men's hoodie?

    Casual style with a men's hoodie with dark khaki shirt and pants.

    For men who are a bit quiet, quiet and have a student look, the summer hoodie jacket combination should choose for themselves a shirt to wear inside, trousers or khaki combined with bata shoes, You will look very gentle, simple as your own personality. There is a bit of maturity and maturity when wearing this set.

    Hoodies mix with a shirt

    Elegant and luxurious style when combining a vest with a hoodie inside

    For those of you who have a creative hobby, break the way in your sets, you can apply this cool hoodie. Combining a simple color vest, using a hoodie as an inner bra, sounds sophisticated, but the overall look with this set exudes the elegance and elegance of a successful guy.

    Simple inner t-shirt mixed with a hoodie 

    The hoodie inherently has a fairly spacious shirt form, with a sun-protective hood, so to limit cumbersome details that should not be included, we should choose a plain, monochrome t-shirt to limit making the set. more confusion. Wearing a simple T-shirt, wearing a hoodie outside, you will look very young and luxurious when going out on the street, meeting friends and relatives on weekends. The yellow color of the hoodie makes the set more youthful and fresh.

    Things to avoid when choosing a hoodie in summer

    There will be quite a few problems that arise when accidentally choosing an inappropriate connection. And here are the things you should avoid in choosing shirt models and combinations with hoodies:

    Avoid too thick hoodie models

    There are quite a few models of hoodies designed with fleece or quite thick fabrics. And these are the items that fashionistas should avoid on hot summer days.

    Feather felt is made from cotton blended PE, this fabric is woven quite thickly and has a fur lining on the inside. The advantage of this fabric is that it stands in form and keeps warm well.

    Say no when combined with outerwear

    Sure, hoodies + leather jackets, jeans, or bomber models are always great combinations. However, those are absolutely not the ideal solutions that fashionistas should use in summer.

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