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Calcetines Lobezno

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What is sock?

Sock is a piece of clothing worn on the feet which often covers the ankle or some part of the calf.

The term “ sock” is known as a modern English word deriving from “socc”, an Old English which means “ light slipper”. However, the root of this term is from the Latin word “soccus” describing “  light, low-heeled shoe”. Soccus was worn by Roman comic actors. On the other hand, sock also comes from sykchos, a word belonging to Ancient Greek.

Why should we wear socks?

We can not admit that socks are functional both indoors and outdoors. First of all, they protect feet from catching rubbing or blisters. Wearing shoes with a pair of socks inside is good for your feet’ safety and can reduce some diseases caused on your skin. In addition, they can help us to avoid unpleasant smells from our feet. Secondly, socks keep feet warm by aiding in temperature and controlling moisture. In fact, wearing socks made of natural fibers can minimize perspiration and breed bacteria which is useful for the immune system.

How were socks invented?

It is surprising that socks are probably the oldest piece of clothing we still use today. Socks appeared for the first time in the Stone Ages in 5000 BC and worn by cavemen. These rudimentary socks were made from animal skins and pelts tied around the ankle.

In the 8th century BC, the Greek poet Hesiod mentioned piloi’, a type of sock made from matted animal hair worn under sandals in his poem “ Works and Days”. After the Romans had wrapped their feet in strips of leather or woven fabric, they started sewing the pieces of fabric together and making fitted socks by the 2nd century AD. At that time, they called the socks “ udones”. 

The first woolen socks were discovered at Vindolanda in Northumbria. It was not until 300 – 500 AD that the first knitted socks were made in Ancient Egypt and the splitting-toes socks were found at Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. In the 5th century AD, socks were called “puttees” by the holy people of Europe.

From the Middle Ages to the 16th, socks had dramatically changed their status to a luxury clothing item in European society when Queen Elizabeth I and France’s King Henri IV wore them.

Since the 17th century, socks have diversified in terms of length, materials, and styles. Nowadays, they are surely an inevitable accessory for everyone. 

( Source:

Why should you buy socks on Printerval?

Exclusive and Unique designs

The booths of many sellers and designers on Printerval provide you with both available and printed-on-demand socks. With regard to designs, we attempt to give customers exclusive-designed socks which are created by many reputable clothing designer teams around the world such as Thinky Paint, Blue Paint, Chrisman, Style Lover, etc. We highly appreciate your personal expression and message on your socks that can make your footwear outstanding and ubiquitous. Besides, you can totally trust the seller's printing technology and creative ability.

Diverse Styles and Colors

Seller on Independent sellers on Printerval sell/offeryou a huge range of styles and colors of socks so that you can have a sense of diversity when you come to us. There are full sizes for men and women, for kids, adults, and plus-size guys. Nevertheless, Sellers and Designers on Printerval provide you with a huge range of sock types to wear on different occasions including indoors, outdoors, workouts, etc. Except for that, we also have many interesting and meaningful styles. They are the 4th of July, Cicada, American flag crew, etc. 

With regard to color, the colors of socks on are optional, as a result, you have various choices for your favorite ones.

Perfect quality materials and textures

We highly prioritize skillfulness in every small detail of the socks during the printing and designing process. Because we believe that beautiful textures are an essential element for a perfect fashion accessory. Indeed, perfection derives from every small detail. 

In terms of materials, socks on are made of various materials in accordance with various occasions including cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc. We pay the highest attention to the softness and comfort when customers wear our socks, therefore, we focus on producing socks with good quality materials in our manufacturing process.

Cheap price

“ Low cost and high quality” is what makes Printerval become one of the most attractive shopping destinations. In fact, you can only spend approximately $15 for a nice and trendy pair of socks from our online shopping website. Normally, socks on cost from $15 to $20. These ranges of prices are cheaper than in the markets for an equivalent product.

Flexible payment method

We offer a synchronized method of paying with Dollar($) as a standard currency. Provided that you have a visa card, you can conveniently buy and pay for your shopping fruits on

Fast delivery 

We have a wide and flexible shipping network in many different countries spreading in many continents and regions. Therefore, we always make all the effort to deliver the product to the receiver as fast as possible. You can access Printerval Shipping & Delivery for more detail. 

How to choose good socks?

Material considerations

If you are seeking a comfortable pair of socks, the materials used to produce them should not be ignored. Socks are made from many different materials including cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefins (such as polypropylene), and even bamboo. Here are several features of them:

Undoubtedly, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used to produce socks for its affordability and breathlessness. You can wear cotton-made socks for casual or office situations but should avoid them when playing sports due to their propensity to retain moisture.

Nylon is generally a secondary material used in the production of socks because of its long-lasting and robust fabric, nylon-produced socks can add support and offer quick-drying properties as well.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material for clothing production, it is also used in sock construction. Bamboo-made socks are breathable and cool. 

Elastane, lycra, or spandex are incredibly stretchy materials that can bring more elasticity to socks.

In addition, there are still several materials that are really practical and useful when people make socks from. Acrylic, Climayarn, Coolmax, Modal, Thermolite, etc are popular examples.

Well-known sock brands

When it comes to sock choices, you can choose them from some famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Missoni, Givenchy, etc. Particularly, Printerval is an attractive brand where you can choose your socks.

How to wear socks?

Occasional options

Selecting the right socks for a certain purpose and occasion is an essential thing to do. For sports playing or active workouts, your socks are required to be breathable and moisture controlled. A sock constructed from nylon, bamboo, or Coolmax might be preferable.

For hiking, hillwalking, and other extreme environments, you should choose a pair of socks that regulate temperatures and keeps out moisture. Acrylic, Climayarn, or Thermolite- made socks can be ideal.

In contrast, socks for the home, office, or sleeping should prioritize comfort and longevity. It is a good choice for cotton or modal-produced socks.

Type options

In terms of height, white ankle socks and quarter socks are good for running, biking, and any use with low-top shoes, crew socks are ideal for hiking and backpacking, especially when wearing taller boots. But if you go skiing, you should pick over-the-calf socks. 

Regarding weight and thickness, it is necessary to consider carefully because it is crazy if you put a very thick pair of socks on. If you are running, an overweight pair of socks seems not to be a paramount choice. 

With patterned socks in general, you should take the right mixing items with them. 

What happens if you wear socks while sleeping?

Sleeping in socks can bring a lot of benefits. Firstly, it helps to enhance circulation which ensures a healthy blood and oxygen flow by increasing blood flow to the feet. Secondly, it assists your body in controlling its own temperature which is called thermoregulation, especially on bitterly cold days. Last but not least, it can prevent many problems for toes, Raynaud’s attack is a typical example. Finally, wearing socks on the bed can make you sleep well and smoothly. 

However, if you choose a tight or uncomfortable pair of socks for sleeping, you may face some problems. The first issue is to have circulating processes limited, in particular for socks being too restrictive. Be careful if wearing socks that are not clean because it can increase the risk of poor hygiene. An unbreathable pair of socks is not ideal to take to go to bed. Socks can keep your feet warm but can cause overheating to your feet sometimes. Therefore, choosing the right socks is really essential. 

If you are looking for a comfortable and fantastic pair of socks, is the right destination for you where you can buy socks at cheap prices but with uniqueness and good quality. Let’s try it now on!