How To Crochet Tanktop?

What is Crochet?

Knitting and crochet have a long history in the world. In the 1980s and earlier, crocheting was considered a household chore, so most women knew how to crochet. Products of those days were practical things such as sweaters, coats, hats, scarves, etc.

But with the strong development of the textile industry, this craft has gradually disappeared.

However, in recent years, the craft industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, including knitting and crocheting.

Not only shirts or scarves, but crochet products are also becoming more and more diverse and sophisticated. From cute toys such as stuffed animals, dolls to decorative items such as flower pots of all kinds of fashion such as bags, shoes, bracelets, bikinis, ... can be created from knitting.

The difference between knitting and crochet not everyone knows!


Tools: Use two sticks with one (or two) pointed ends to create the product. The two knitting rods can be separated or connected by a cord.

Basic Stitches: There are many different stitches to master to create a variety of patterns.

Product: The product has a softer and smoother fluff than hooks.


Tools: Use a hook with a sharp end to make the product.

Basic stitches: There are 7 basic crochet stitches, but the application is very diverse, producing many different beautiful patterns.

Product: The product is very sturdy and stands out.

Take, for example, knitted plushies and crocheted stuffed animals. Crocheted woolen stuffed animals are easier to shape products, but knitted woolen animals hug softer, wash less ruffled.

With two techniques of knitting and crocheting, you can apply flexibly to each product. For example, shirts, socks, towels, etc., knitting will make the product more beautiful and soft, and feel better to the touch. As for products that require hardness and angles such as stuffed animals, bags, shoes, etc., using a hook will ensure a beautiful standard product.

What does the basic crochet need to know?

Learn about yarns

There are many different types of yarn with different sizes, materials, and names. Here are some basic yarns:

Acrylic Wool (Arcylic/PAC): Made from Polymer, which is man-made wool that is diverse in color and fiber size. So you can machine wash it without worrying about it getting mushy. This fiber does not cause skin allergies, so it can be used for children (100% Arcylic). In terms of price, this yarn is very economical and suitable for beginners.

Cotton Wool (cotton yarn): Made from cotton plants, so it is very absorbent, does not cause skin allergies, and is very durable, machine washable. But only suitable for making towels or coasters because 100% cotton yarn is quite stiff & rough. There are now many types of blends of cotton wool and acrylic wool to increase softness.

Polyester wool (PE): is a synthetic fiber with a characteristic composition of ethylene. This yarn often combines many different materials such as acrylic or wool from wool to increase softness.

Wool (French: laine) is woven from the wool of sheep and some other animals such as goats, camels, etc. Common types of wool:

Regular wool: This wool is obtained from sheep that have molted once. Fleece wool is softer and more resilient than regular wool. As a result, sheep wool is warmer and more durable.

Cashmere Wool: This wool is obtained from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat (Cashmere) during the spring molt. A Cashmere fiber is 8 times more insulating than regular wool, so it can help keep warm in winter. It is also ultra-lightweight and the most expensive of all wools.

What to prepare when crocheting?

Tools: Find and buy wool & crochet/knitting needles at the market, stationery stores, or handmade shops. Choose a wool that is not ruffled (e.g. cotton milk) & is just the right size. As for the crochet needle/knitting rod, choose the type that fits the yarn size so that when the hook does not slip.

 Choose popular products with basic stitches to practice. Usually, knitting will be a shawl and crocheting will be a hat. You can find the easiest ways to crochet a scarf, or tutorials on how to crochet a beanie, ... in crochet forums.

Learn & learn basic stitches (Knitting: Up stitch, down stitch, round stitch, ... . Crochet: Single stitch, double stitch, pint, ...). There are many knitting tutorials online as well as knitting books from the most basic.

Once you have mastered the basic stitches, you can go online to find charts & tutorials on high skills to create more sophisticated & patterned products.

Learn about product color schemes for eye-catching harmony.

Practice using more advanced tools if needed.

How does crochet affect health?

According to an evaluation from health experts, crocheting yarn brings a lot of health benefits.

When crocheting, rhythmic movements along with concentration on work help you reduce stress and anxiety.

To create beautiful products you must read charts and many instructions. The more brain you use, the healthier your brain will be.

The rhythmic movement of the fingers during knitting helps to strengthen the cartilage of your hand bones.

However, you need to pay attention to the sitting posture when crocheting to avoid pain, back, head, and shoulder fatigue as well as to avoid affecting the spine. Also, take care and protect your hands to avoid dryness due to excessive exposure to fibers by using hand cream.

Crochet Tanktop tutorial

Crochet shirt with yarn less than or equal to 1mm, the sample used is cotton yarn and 2mm tulip needle.

The shirt will be divided into 3 parts, the first 2 parts are isosceles trapezoid with the shorter side of the chest, the 2 sides are the armpits, the bottom edge will go down to the bottom of the chest starting down to the 3rd part is the body.

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