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Oct, 01 2021
Posted by Prairie Moon
The fashion accessories that stars in the entertainment industry are always looking for in their wardrobes are caps. These cap styles are quite widely used and popular. They help stars create different styles for themselves. Let's find out with Cap how the stars combine cones.
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    What is a cap?

    The first cap style most chosen by boys is the cap. This is considered the most popular hat style, simple, very easy to coordinate with outfits

    What are the characteristics of the cap?

    With a fairly simple structure, the front part is quite similar to a boy's tongue. The back of the cap has a buckle to adjust the size of the cap to fit the head. There are metal, plastic, or sticker locks available. There are also hats that don't have buckles but have sizes, so be careful when choosing the capsize.

    What is the fabric of the cap?

    Users love this style of the cap because they are usually made from khaki or cotton fabric. With the advantages of dry fabric, absorbing odors, creating a pleasant feeling for the wearer, easy for storage. Besides, they capture the taste of users because they are suitable for all ages.

    Jean or denim fabric is still an unrelenting fashion craze in the hearts of believers. The ventilation of denim fabric in the summer, the variety of styles, and personality make it impossible for believers to miss.

    How many styles of caps are there?

    It seems that caps come in many different designs and colors. So they are divided into categories:

    Monochromatic cap: As a man, you will love this cap style. Hats only have a single color tone, usually a dark tone. They give the boys a more mysterious, masculine, and stylish look in the outfit.

    Textured caps: Here, the motifs are the typefaces that are embroidered on the hat, or behind, on the side of the hat. However, the typefaces you choose must understand their meaning. Avoid choosing meaningful sentences, messages with reactionary thoughts. Or icons, symbols, logo brand hats. There are also styles of hats for men with patterns of flowers, leaves, colors, checkers... It will be very suitable for guys who like colors.

    Street-style cap

    Admittedly, this is the easiest cap to coordinate with. You can wear any outfit with this versatile hat.

    Street style is known as a style for you to freely create your ideas when going down the street to have fun and walk. Unique, comfortable, liberal, creative outfits are what guys want to achieve when wearing hats. Basic jeans & t-shirts, jogger pants, comfortable shorts, in addition to the very popular hoodie. When going down to crowded places or going anywhere, black or dark hats will be prioritized. With that style, you will be scored in the eyes of many girls.

    Outfits with cap for men

    Jogger pants with a Hoodie

    Jogger pants are quite stylish pants that almost everyone loves them. This style of pants is very popular in the fashion world. It is very easy to combine clothes, creating a stylish quality. Combined with that hoodie is an item that you will come across everywhere you go. Besides, you can also use outerwear styles instead of hoodies such as jean jackets, bomber jackets, stylish blazers...

    Jeans, Joggers with a T-shirt

    T-shirt & jeans or jogger pants style is a combination that is so familiar in fashion. But not so that it becomes boring and outdated, but more than ever, it is more and more preferred by men in some activities in daily life. Although it is simple, it always gives you a masculine dynamism full of charm.

    How to coordinate with women's caps?

    Following the basic trend

    The "Basic" style translates to basic or simple. The characteristics of basic items give priority to monochrome outfits. Towards the basic, the design often has a classic look. Basic clothing has high applicability, can be used in all environments.

    Accompanying it are detailed accessories that are simple, but require matching the outfit you are wearing. Therefore, you just need to choose for yourself a beautiful female cap according to your preferences and outfit harmony. It will ensure to attract all the attention from people around.

    In today's era, besides pursuing trendy and luxurious styles, people also love simple and sophisticated styles. Therefore, the basic fashion style with the female cap has become a favorite and indispensable item in the wardrobe of beautiful girls.

    Wear a cap when wearing a t-shirt and skirt

    T-shirts and skirts will definitely be items in most girls' wardrobes. Set of clothes with the presence of t-shirts and skirts to give women a lovely, youthful, and dynamic beauty. In particular, this formula helps to cheat age extremely well. Should be combined with suitable shirts and accessories such as T-shirts, stylized shirts, small bags, .... and don't forget to find yourself the hottest cap today as a highlight!

    Item street style perfect with cap

    Naming the current popular female fashion styles, street style with the name street style gives herself a distinct personality style so as not to mix with any other style. The name for the fashion style originates from the European street. Bold with individualism and a bit dusty, breakthrough.

    Streetwear is geared towards dynamism, youth, and dust. Therefore, this style will only use simple and healthy items such as sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, khaki pants ... and cap is a reasonable accessory to help create dynamism and health for the girls. . The way to coordinate with women's hats according to the street style item accordingly becomes the ideal choice. Help individuals express their own nature through each outfit.

    The highlight comes from the hoodie and the cap

    Lovely hoodies since their appearance until now have always stormed the fashion community. Therefore, wearing a hoodie and wearing a cap has become an increasingly popular trend. Promising to affirm your own personality full of youth, dynamism, and difference.

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